Khannea’s Argument 39

International Global Markets: your labor is worth amount x in export value.

Local people: We cannot compete. We cannot produce food at competitive rates. We do not have sufficient export products and our wages are too low. We cannot reorganize or educate ourselves effectively. We find that we are unacceptably poor and many of us are starving.

International Global Markets: Get a job. Work harder.

Local people: We unionize. We protest. We express our dissatisfaction. This situation is unacceptable.

International Global Markets: This unacceptable to you. It is perfectly acceptable to us. Protest away, it will only wreck your local economy, drive away business and make your country even more vulnerable to economic predation.

Local people: In that case exporting hard drugs is perfectly acceptable to us.

International Global Markets: in that case bombing the shit is perfectly acceptable to us.

Local people: This means you will either drive us extinct, into a position of economic slavery, OR we will eventually come up with a means to generate economic value where you cannot intimidate us. This is war, but not one you’ll ever see coming.
Where we can we will erode international global markets into collapse, where we can we will terrorize those that support this system, or where we can we will come up with new products, preferably one that will hurt you.
You have used violence on us, and have escalated this violence step by step. Now we will do whatever it takes – whatever it takes – to get rid of you.

International Global Markets: You are being unreasonable!