In Advance

I know I am asserting something that is absolutely horrific. It is unacceptable – the idea that WTC collapsed because as a result of a controlled demolition, and in precisely the same manner as the other two big WTC buildings collapsed. It is unthinkable that all three buildings collapsed on account of demolition, yet they still did collapse in such a curious manner. The implications are so bizarre it makes nothing but sense that the most levelheaded of people would assume I have become a conspiracy loon.

Yet the facts remain and the implications are plain and I must conclude I am not a loon. I understand the outrageous and horrific conclusions. It would imply a widespread and pervasive and insidious corruption at such a high level of management levels of the US. On which is able to hide this in advance, able to implement this months in advance, able to hide this months after the event, able to defuse most discussion on the topic.

It is so overwhelming and contradictory I am perplexed.

Too big. TOO BIG.

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