If you were a super hero, what ability(s) would you have

Ok. In order of importance; 

  • Eternal youth. 
  • Extremeky attractive female body in her 20s, on the outside. On the inside a lot tougher than a human. 
  • An uncanny health, stamina and vigour, akin to an olympic athlete, coupled with a passionate ability and desire to have sex, as well as the matching physicality.
  • An uncanny clarity of mind, pervasive optimism, the ability to learn, autodidactive, good concentration, extremely high hedonic levels. 
  • Regenerative ability and toughness similar to wolverine, maybe a bit slower.
  • The ability to gradually shapeshift into similar humanoid shapes, similar to that of Mystique just gradual over several hours, but turning back in myself in about half an hour.
  • The ability to change the speed of my thinking almost limitlessly, so I can think about a situation for hours, days, perceiving all things around me slower or frozen in time. My comebacks are deadly.
  • Increased strength, sufficiently stong to punch a dent in a car.
  • Increased reflexes, on part with peak human ability.
  • Ambidextrous
  • Ability to occasionally reduce inertia, allowing me to move faster.
  • Considerable resistance to cold, heat, toxins. Diminished effects from alcohol and drugs. 
  • Practically immune to diseases.
  • Ability to hibernate for months.
  • Ability for my body, and about 10-20 kilo I am wearing to levitate as in zero gravity.
  • Sight of a hawk, cat and human; Ears and sense of smell of a dog.  Ability to see several more primary colors (eight or so?) extending vision in near infrared and ultraviolet. 
  • Small vestigal horns, wings, prehensile tail