“I want to be left alone” in this era of Covid19

My anwer: NO

NO Your body is now a potential replicator for a deadly virus. You can’t avoid this other than by vaccinating or offering the world and all other people your full quarantine.

Either you do not interact or you vaccinate.

I agree, neither is failsafe, granted, but by you not agreeing to this social construct you pose a risk of killing other people. We must demand of you you help, even if your help is arguably imperfect.

You don’t have a choice in the matter. You might not like it, but since it’s a certainty you have the potential to (even unknowingly) shed a disease that might murder someone’s children, spouse, loved one or parents society must make pressing demans of you. Gods forbid this disease was something like Ebola or Polio, but then it would all be so much clear. Unfortunately (?) this disease is quite treacherous – it only affects people some other people might not care so much about, or it is only infects relatively few people, or the infection rate is marginally aboove the R=1 rate, or the lethality is not super high – but it still has the potential to kill hundreds of thousands in your country, and that is unacceptable.

Under these circumstances you are suddenly and inconvienently left with a responsibility. This disaster is like a large fire, or a natural disaster, or a war. You can no longer be left universally alone, and to demand that you have no responsibilities you – qualify yourself a traitor to the most fundamental social contract, or a psychopath, or a firestarter or a literal danger to the people around you. Your inaction now becomes implicit aggression.

You have the capacity to become a murderer by your inaction.

You may claim to not care or not understand, but society can no longer trust on your ignorance or recalcitrance or claims you have inalienable rights. The rights of your fellow humans are trumped by your rights. Society sets laws, and occasionally your rights of being left alone are trumped by these. For example, you can’t be allowed to just nilly willy drive around drunk, or abuse your kids, or start fires or spread slander. Society now comes to your door with a new demand, and we will try to explain it as slowly and carefully as we can, but once explained you are pretty much let no alternative than to obey the new rules. You can cry like a small child throwing a tantrum, but I demand from society that we use the full force of the law to go after you and recalcitrant people like you. You and your kind now pose a danger to ME and my loved ones. So hell no, I am quite sorry, but under these circumstances I can not accept you being left alone, and I just explained WHY. You may whine and gripe you aren’t interested in this s**t, like a small immature child, but I don’t care.