I Loathe Saudi Arabia and I Loathe Their Version Of Islam

I call for divestment from Saudi Arabia. Do not allow your citizens to travel there, for whatever reason. Immediately confiscate all possessions of Saudi Royals and associated people or groups in every single democratic country world wide. Make investments in Saudi Arabia illegal and punishable with prison sentences. Boycott their products. Disallow all imports from and exports to Saudi Arabia by law. Expose what they do, constantly. Sanction Saudi and saudi supporters non-stop, constant, over and over. Throw people who export these values to other countries in prison, for years. Wahabists? In prison. Salafists? In prison. Takfirists? In prison. People who call for sharia? In prison. Arrest every single person that actively supports this state system or this particular manifestation of Islam who sets a foot outside this accursed country in prison. Make all human rights violations of anyone who has commited such crimes inside Saudi Arabia subject to immediate arrest and sentencing, anywhere on the world. I am disgusted by this culture. This is unmitigated vileness. Their leaders are vile. Their royalty is vile. Their supporters are vile. Their religious police is vile. Their entire political system is vile.

And I call for precisely the same response for every country that practices or even advocates the same form of Islam.

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