I am sorry, the US is not a trustworthy state

Something in the US kills its own people with casual disregard. Expendable as pawns. This makes the US at the very least infected with the most ruthless of criminals at the very highest levels.

At the very minimum it takes days to weeks to undermine a building to cause demolition collapse, under safe and relaxed conditions. All three WTC buildings collapsed through demolition style collapse. The required materials used in these demolitions were sophisticated demolition charges generally restricted to military sources. These collapses occurred with many people still inside the buildings.

The inescapable conclusion is that there was a ‘major influence’ able to place sophisticated demolition charges some time in advance of the attacks on these buildings. This implies that those that did had extensive and detailed foreknowledge of the type of attacks on the WTC buildings, including that they would occur by at least two hijacked passenger jets.

At this stage it us perplexing that some quite reasonable people don’t want to hear this.

But I don’t believe the official story. The implications are unnerving. If “some rogue elements” in the US government (and that’s a cautious statement) are willing to do this, what else are these people willing to do?