How to get rid of Donald J. Trump

Sure I can hang that target a few hundred meters downrange

We can safely state that Trump is positioning himself to cause instability. His climate policies, his stance of detente towards the middle east and continued “operation iraqi liberation”, his investment in look at the 911 attacks and aftermath and now the appointment of Steve Bannon – there is a point where Trump become subject to being removed. It’s hard to say from the grassroots level who is in charge of what these days, but Trump is stirring in so many hornets nests the odds for a premature Trump removal are increasing.

IT’s obvious that a lot of his electorate are so viciously depressed and in despair they have emotionally over-invested in his presidency, even though it should be self-evident many of these people are deluded about any outcomes of such and such. Just look at how the US security apparatus deals with BLM, or the North Dakota pipeline protests – and compare that with his little slap on the wrists the likes of Bundy got after their armed capture of a US federal building – and you get a taste at just how partisan white the security apparatus is, and (or?) how much the authorities fear white rage.

Yes, I’d say an outright Trump grassy knoll event would spur mass revolt, domestic terrorism, state secession or worse. Hence, such an event would not happen, or would only occur as precedent to the new president (which might or might not be Pence) to declare an indefinite martial law. And considering how fragile the US economy, petrodollar and financial system is these days a martial law would signify a death spiral for the US as world power. Actually – something not dissimilar to what happened in the USSR.

So how can the system, the establishment get rid of Trump in a “controlled demolition” style event? I’d argue against something theatrical, such as a lone nut assassination. The rabble has throughly conspiracy-proofed itself against such banale pyrotechnics. Also some kind of terrorist attack, a suicide, a heart-attack would spur on decades of indigniation, conspiracy theories and worse.

So Trump would have to somehow be brought to do something that would so alienate all the electorate on the left, middle and far right as to allow for ordery removal. I am thinking – being ‘caught’ sodomizing a minor. Being caught ferrying Fort Knox gold to another country. Cannibalism. Collaboration with ISIS, something thoroughly demonstrative

As we have seen in the past, such projects are always chaotic and unpredictable. This mere article, on some irrelevant blog like mine, can already disrupt the process of “imploding” a Trump presidency.

But all this is real – a lot of people positively loathe Trump and want him and his psychopath circus gone. Yes, Trump no doubt assumes he is assassination-proofed by hoisting a Torquemada analogue like Pence as his VP – a loaded gun and an outright threatening gesture – kill me and his abominable iceman becomes president. I have seen some few as brazen threats in my lifetime, but this is a pretty bold move.

I usually have a diabolical imagination, but today I find myself insufficient cynical, insufficiently real-political, insufficiently diabolical to profess to have a clue how this will play out.

Worst case scenario – the inescapable powers that be may be rolling out a forest of quintuiple redundant scenario’s for removal, and keep them ready for whatever convenient contingency that comes along – and initiate whatever dastardly scheme as soon as military misadventure, financial instability, mass unrest has a fair chance of being avoidable.

Being European my interests are different than the interests of most Americans, so I find myself quite dispassionately exited at what will happen next. But what I am witnessing here is so absurd it leaves me icy cold.

And case in point – I used to play roleplaying games in the 80s and 90s. In those ancient days one game centered around New York, involving WoD and cyberpunk themes set in the 2040s. And guess what? In those crazy stories I alluded to a historical Trump presidency. Weird? Maybe. Because in those some stories I also alluded to the WTC buildings having been destroyed in the early 21st century.

My final thought? The last decades have been so strange I have occasionally quipped we might be living in a simulation. But if that’s the case, it’s a seriously lousy one.