The 9/11 WhistleBlower Reward Fund

How much will be enough?

There are some unnerving arguments that weeks before 11 September 2001 a large team of military demolitionists worked to undermine three WTC buildings. The team doing the grunt work must be fairly big and they must have taken months or weeks to prepare the collapse in a flexible manner. They didn’t know with total precision where the planes would hit, respectively whether or not both planes would hit. We know that the owner of the building, Larry Silverstein had teams working in the building for several weeks. We also know a company called securicom, led by one Marvin Bush (brother of) did high level security engineering work in all three buildings.

Let’s assume the hypothesis that there was a demolition project and let us assume this project was handled by between several dozen to over a hundred very reliable and motivated engineers. The question is – where are these engineers now? How can these conspirators, if they exist, made to come forward with knowledge of their part in these acts.

I make this humble proposal…. I ask people to sponsor me. Literally – pay me an amount of money by anonymous deposits. You can also email me at and make me suggestions on how to safely create a bank account or fund in that name – khannea suntzu – and secure this amount from large bank or sinister political manipulation. Or my greed for that matter.

I will offer the contents of this fund (minus a reasonable few % transaction, security, administrative, PR and labour costs -HMMMM CAKE) to anyone who comes forward and offers the world evidence, beyond a shadow of a doubt (such as personal involvement) that the collapse of the three WTC buildings on 11 september 2001 was the result of a demolition, and to indicate who ordered this cynical act.

I am well aware that I take some personal risk in sending out this invitation. But I naively assume that if I am wrong (and there is nothing to expose or ‘prove’ and there never was an actual demolition conspiracy) and no one comes forward, there is nothing wrong with this call! In fact, I’d do the work of the US Public Relations departments by dispelling any residual doubts. Nothing to see here people, move along!

We live in democracy right? And we know freedom of expression yes? So let’s run a field test.


29 October 2011

250 Dollar / 220 Euro vouched

0 Dollar / 0 Euro deposited

Preliminary rules are
– evidence must incontrovertible
– proven personal involvement not a requirement
– disclosure must be made publicly
– multiple parties may become eligible for lump parts of the sum
– no official state entity of the US government who come forward is eligible for the reward

If by september 11 2021 this reward has not been claimed, I will deposit it in a suitable charity – most probably in part towards life extension purposes such as the Methusalah foundation, or maybe a big part to the Lifeboat foundation. I am open for similar suggestions for other charities, but to avoid wickedness I (or a foundation erected to this effect) shall remain the sole person making the choice of eventual charity.

Imagine – of ten million people who would like to see clarity on what happened on 9/11 deposit ten dollars or euro in this fund (Iran? North Korea? Al Quaida? Hugo Chavez? Blofeld? You guys can deposit too…) or if ten millionaires deposit a million … the temptation for one of those involved in the attacks to come forward would grow every day. I will take (by email for now) any promissaries of donations (I am this and that mister Bond and I will pay a thousand dollars as soon as there is a whistle blower forthcoming), as well as actual donations. And yes, the US government can also make donations, if they are that courageous. Hell, I’d love see Obama or Fox News on the fund donor list.

Bring it on!

And … also the urgency to get rid of these potential (hypothetical! alleged!) whistle blowers would also increase day by day. Think about the pressures here. Best defence for some dancing jews against getting disappeared would be to get out in to the open…

For the some time I will not be available for comments or interviews. If you offer donations I will list your donation if you so choose.

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