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Last year I did a series of events by the title “Red versus Blue”. These series ended, largely because I just had to go and visit Milan, and then I just had to go and get involved with Kim (bless her darling heart), and then I went to the US. That is between early october and now I was wayyy to busy, by any standard to do much with Second Life.

I am back, or so I hope, and my new sequence of talks is labeled “follow the white rabbit”. This sequence of talks will be weekly, on Sundays (like before) and it will host the Transhuman Separatist ethic, with a gentle “Zeitgeist” undercurrent (but also Pirate Bay, Wikileaks, Copyleft, Culture Jamming, Provo, ANON endorsement and that sort of stuff) ….

The topics will be – how do we leverage emerging technologies shy of the Singularity to prosper. How do we give a big fat finger (how do we declare out independence and show our disdain) to the corporate and money elites, to the retarded and genetically underachieving underclasses, and to the big autistic government machines.

How? By using and exploiting biotech, gene splicing, internets, social engineering, robotics, microbotics, 3D printing, recycling, alternative energies, seaports, nanotechnology, tax havens, memetics, virtual reality, piracy, augmented reality and who knows what else – and smashing the current screwed up world to pieces (without resorting to ‘crimes’ or ‘violence’) because, hey, we don’t really prosper much here right now yes? I mean, what do we have to lose?

The first talks will be very simple orientations.

Todays sequence of events in Second Life will be :
Serendipity – Fulfillment – 09:30- 11:00 AM SLT (lasts generally about 90 minutes)
Bryce – Ideas of Things to Come – 11:00 – 12:00 AM SLT (lasts generally about an hour)
Khannea – FTWR – 12:00 -13:30 AM SLT (lasts generally 90 minutes)

March 27

White Rabbit SLURL:

due to the summer time change in european timezones, anticipate errors in relative scheduling!

I have to decide on when it is, depending on when Serendipity, Bryce and Thinkers have their respective gigs.

Special guest this time: Teh Rachel Haywire. She won’t show up, but still. I am, trying. Note that I did not post this event the first time since the estate is owned by Ivy, and I do not have the group/estate rights to call events in that land yet.

7 thoughts on “Follow The White Rabbit 01

    1. No I invited you to a weekly event in Second Life. In a couple of hours. No rush. If you can make it make it, don’t worry. It will be sedate, chat. Voice usually isn’t very practical.

  1. Khanneau: great idea; but it conflicts with Seredipity’s forum; so could you consider an alternative time? And if you do, get that pole ready for me. Lol

    1. I asked around, and Ivy game me a list and indicated this timeslot would be preferred/safe. I read 2 hours after Serendipity and one hour after a thinkers platform. What gives?

    2. It is “K h a n n e a” by the way, Kenau is something different. [] . Can you email me at khannea.sunztu a list of what you understand are the formal beginnings and endings of all events in our target audience on Sunday?

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