Fin de siècle for the disappointed

Precisely the same uncanny phenomenon happened end of the soviet union – in particular middle aged men with certain expectations were disappointed and beyond a certain age entitled men can no longer accept and live with disappointment. They lament, become militant, gripe, sabotage whatever they can sabotage (vote for Jeltsin or Trump just to spite their own face), and degenerate in to an ever worsening cycle of substance abuse, alcoholism, self-medication and self-pity. Think fight club but without the glamour or heroicism.

These men are unbearable and tragic. Nobody likes them any more and the more morose they get, the more they become isolated. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In previous ages these men would decide to go to war, or spur on the young to go to war and force solutions or coerce the world in to killing them. This is what we clearly witnessed at the end of the Soviet Union and this is what we clearly see happening in the United States. It will get a lot worse before it will get better.