I coin this term today.

The neologism is a contraction between “Fema” and “Favella”. The term describes large sprawling ghettoes of endless quickly constructed container and trailer (and many other sorts of improvized, cheap) dwellings in designated areas along the sprawling US metroplex areas. Femavellas’s primary raison d’etre is to offer living space tens of millions of refugees.

These refugee streams will start up on account of the economic collapse of “fly-over-states”, in particular after the collapse of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency (and oil based mechanized argiculture becoming unaffordable). Many states will be decimated and over a hundred million people will be forced out by climate change, dustbowl, and a range of other changes.

Femavilles will emerge quickly, initially as closed-off refugee management centers, but after a few years they will evolve to become effectively endless favella cities completely dominating the landscape. They are high crime areas, with rampant black markets, 3D printed cheap automatic weapons and endemic substance abuse (which is legal by then).

These zones will also be referred to as “gazas”, and generally any civil disturbance (or insurrection) these regions cause is dealt with in the same manner as the original gaza regions have been dealt with – “just chaingun them a few hours with white phosporous rounds and gas when ever they cause trouble”.