I will be focusing on a new range of topics. I think I have made abundantly clear that the current nation-state model is collapsing and that the existing transnational economic order is unsustainable (if not outright complicit in crimes against humanity) in just a matter of years. I will be arguing alternatives and GTFO. That means – existing nation-states have fucked up, and how can we leave, and not end up worse off.

I will be looking at this in a series of articles, and in events inside my normal conversational venues in Second Life.

Here’s a nice starter from Futurismic, plus a two books I’d recommend – Snow Crash and Oath of Fealty. I’d say the Red, Green and Blue mars books might also be a nice advance read.

For ideas, I will be looking at the ideas raised by SeaSteading, Shimizu Lillypads, EOS and of course Venus Project water habitats.

I come to this with an intense dislike for national interests. I loathe established nations, parochialism, “established interests”, conservatism, baseline populations, judgementalism and xenophobia.

In the first few weeks I will be looking at international law, secession, separatism, ‘leveraging options’, financing, finding like-minded people and bootstrapping these solutions. I will also be looking at engineering, and where would you construct something like a Shimizu Seasted. Later on I will be looking at radically new state entities that address problems that exist in our current societies.

Please give me loads of comments. Or email me at khannea.suntzu@gmail.com.

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  1. Well, you know where to find all my ideas and comments! But I will just point you in the direction of the one article :


    And our vision page:


    We also have a design book which I hope we will get out later this year. We also have some plans to start implementing. That we have a community plan underway as well as other options.

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