What is Eusingularization?

This term implies two things, first – the prefix Eu- for ‘good’, or “desirable”. That simple prefix conceptually implies that there is a range and diversity of possible “Singularities”. There isn’t “the” Singularity. Anyone who keeps talking about “the” Singularity simply doesn’t get it.

The second implication of my use of the term Eusingularization is the more diffuse term of Singularization versus Singularity. In the typical phrase of the concept of Singularity, it’s an event. To oppose this line of thinking I advocate the more fluid idea of a transitional process of Singularization.

“Singularization” may have already started in the past. We may in our current society be in a transitional Singularizing stage of human history, where increasingly the future becomes an opague or unpredictable state in the increasing near future. In other words, the further in to the future the more unknowable the near future becomes.

So if a Eusingularity is a good transition towards what comes after, there should also be things like a Dysingularity (A Singularity that introduces mostly bad experiential states for the current human species), a Xenosingularity (where humanity loses all relevance and progress becomes incomprehensible, i.e. where an appreciable part of humanity survives, but those that do no longer have any systemic relevance), a Teratolarity (where terrifying artillects call the shots and surviving humanity is left at the mercy of horrible powers). For completenes sake I mention the jocular Santalarity (A singularity where humans get presents and happiness for all eternity).

Yes I am aware I somewhat bastardized greek and latin here.

In my introduction of the phrase EuSingularization I advocate personal and political involvement of people towards the Singularity stage in human history. If this is a true concept, people should be compelled towards personal interest and involvement. The idea that we may be in or very close to this transitional stage in history means we may have moral culpability or responsibility this event ends well for all involved.