European Law – declare ‘unlicensed’ combatant stateless

There are two problems. First problem is there is an increasing number of rogue types and former military people fighting as mercenaries world wide. These people routinely engage in human rights violations. The second problem is closely related – that of people who are currently citizens of a EU member state and join in to fight in “Jyhad” style wars, but also people who take part in what should only be interpreted as mafia style organiozed crime syndicates. Right now Syria is a common destination for these people. The incidence of perfectly normal citizens exposing themselves to these “dark” conflicts carries massive risks to the normal population of the EU.

I let my EU politicians know these consequences and dangers are to be regarded as unacceptable.

First and foremost, people who enter in to conflicts outside the EU, either as terrorists, guerrilla style freedom fighters, organized crime gangsters, militia, adventurers or mercenaries do so at the risk of severe health and psychological consequences. These consequences are often massive and severe for anyone who gets close to these people. Currently these returning rogue fighters may be subject to severe infections, war trauma, immune resistant bacteria or addiction to dangerous narcotic substances. Many have committed the most atrocious of war crimes, human rights violations or engaged in lengthy periods of severe violent acts.

This should be unacceptable for normal people.

I call upon my EU parliamentarians to introduce an across the EU legislature demanding that all soldiers, mercenaries or freedom fighters must register before they actively train or take part in any conflicts, in a pan-European Interpol database. The EU should then study the need for private citizens to do “security work”, act as “corporate enforcers”, join “freedom wars” per individual case and assess what the individuals are actually doing. The EU should actively differentiate between ligitimate NGO aid organizations, and people pretending to be aid workers but in reality acting as thugs or gangsters.

If people are not found registering for this database, and they do train for war, military action, or take parts in wars, civil wars, “security work”, corporate enforcement, mafia style criminal acts, organized crime or active violence of foreign soil, the EU should consider revoking their respective members state’s citizenship and eject them from the EU as unwanted stateless individuals. Member states are currently severely negligent in dealing with these often severe crimes or potentially criminal activity.

The world is becoming a progressively more dangerous place, and the EU should actively work to maintain a database of any person fitting this description, regardless of where they originate. This database should include everyone who intends to visit the EU – including current and former EU citizens, current and former United States citizens – anyone who can be argued to take part in persistent violent activities outside the EU, or actively facilitates such activity.

If there is reasonable grounds to assume non-EU member state individuals take part in such persistent activity, they should be barred from access to the EU for life. Yes, if it can be argued that US, Russian, Chinese or other nationals have taken part in severe violent acts outside the EU or the facilitation of such acts, I call upon the EU to maintain a database barring these individuals access to the EU for life.

I understand this may create problems for member state cooperation with US military troops in a NATO context once it becomes clear certain strategical partners have engaged in systemic human rights violations outside the US. In that case the EU should bar such criminals access to the EU for life. Specifically – If it is found US servicemen or intelligence operatives have committed war crimes or consistently engages in criminal activity, the EU should no longer welcome these individuals in all of the EU.