Dune 1&2 Scenes by MidJourney.

a desert landscape on planet Dune, opening scene of the movie, the wind blows over the golden evening sands, golden dust blows in the wind, the glare of the sun in the distance. 

In the desert landscape of Dune, a closeup of a violent machine of deafening noise, a Spice Harvester, industrial pounding through the sands of the Desert Planet, flame and red steam and dust and giant harvesting machinery works to gather the precious spice.

… to the side off the gargantuan hulking spice harvester evil Harkonnen soldiers, their bodies incased in climate controlled protective gear, their camuflaged robes fluttering in the dust thrown up by the Spice Harvester, they walk slowly next to the tank treaded monstrosity machine carrying massive and lethal weapons. Their faces unseen behind a black environmental mask as insulated from the planet as if wearing a spacesuit.

Amid giant clouds of red desert dust a gargantuan carry-all floating vessel floats through the amber dust storm sky of the planet Dune, carrying a space behemoth industrial sized spice harvester, dangling under the carry-all like a caught evil machine insect, as clouds of dust half obscure the twin machines from view – the machines carry huge red lights that dimly illuminate the desert evening. The Carry-all is slowly lowering the space harvester in the dusty deserts of Planet Dune. The scene depicts the awe inspiring industrial ruthlessness of the Harkonnens.

in the distance, hidden deep in the desert and almost embedded in the sand, several well hidden and stealthy ragtag desert warriors, the Fremen, all clad in sand-colored robes and stillsuits, the deadly and ruthless Fremen lie in wait to ambush the descending Spice Harvesters, large laser weapons ready to fire against the massive industrial spice harvesting machinery. The Fremen warriors take aim with a large man-portable laser rifle in the early evening, clouds of reddish-brown dust billowing around everywhere

another scene, this time all blacks and dark and menacing, the command elite of the Harkonnens emerge from a gargantuan brutalistb bunker, walking brusquely, all in insect black body covering armor, led by the hulking figure of the sadistically ruthless Rabban the Beast, who is in charge of space harvesting on the planet Dune. Rabban is huge, bald, very pale, muscled and fat and emanates cruelty. The cadre of Harkonnen elites stride forward from the weathered concrete structures of the bunker complex…

a closeup of the face of the Harkonnen, Rabban de Beast, his muscled ugly bald face a mask of ruthlessness, half incased in his black chitinous armour, as he strides from the bunker complex in the unbearable morning heat of the planet Dune, as his gaze looks down in wonder at an amazing spectacle.




As Rabban the Harkonnen emerges from the brutalist bunker, looking down on a expanse of desert, the black armored tyrant n gazes down on hundreds of gigantic identical spice harvesters, ready to be deployed to gather spice from the desert parked safely on the edge of the desert. The air is swimming with exteme heat and his bald fat head is sweaty. The work of the day is just getting started and Rabban and his legions gear up for another hard day’s work mining spice and the dangerous deserts of Dune.