Do I “like”Palestinians? No I simply do not. However.

I may appreciate individual Palestinians (or Arabs) as dear friends (or occasionally lovers) but you can’t expect me to actually like the culture, their religion and their politics. I’d rather not deal with Palestinians or Arabs, insofar these people exhibit their transitional cultural preferences. I don’t like Arab men because by and large I have experience consistent and frequent hostility from them. I pity Arab women, because they conform to a stylized cultural mold that I find claustrophobic. I pity muslims that choose to wear haevy head cover such as hijabs or burqahs. I don’t want to actually disallow anyone to actually wear these clothes, but in everyday life I can’t say I like it. I mean I’ll never want to outlaw people wearing whatever they want to, perish the though..

So last week there was a major protest event just outside my house, where Palestinians protested Israeli policies towards Palestinians. And what I like even less than Muslim culture is bullies and fascists. To my best understanding Israel has become one of the most vile, sadistic, hypocritical and downright fascist bully states in the middle east. Zionists in Israel preach and practice a form of apartheid that is so contrary to their history I can not conceive of how a rational human mind can have such cognitive dissonance in their soul. I have heard what these scumbags preach, and they are now well beyond ethnic cleansing. Israeli politicians are now openly and brazenly calling for genocide.

So when I was listening to the Palestinians protest, I heard them complain about Dutch parliamentary choices, and I found myself in agreement. I find the tolerance of Dutch politicians for Israeli aggression absurd. I agree that the world community and media is averting its eyes from what are clearly crimes against humanity. That is unacceptable and history will judge this harshly.
During the Palestinian protest rally one speaker then succeeded in angering me. The guy brought of lax attitudes from politicians and he complained that (…) clearly those whole transgender issues had more priority for Dutch politicians, with a clear hint of anger and contempt in his voice. And the Palestian/Arab crowded actually cheered. Which makes them a bunch of assholes in my book.

That where the Palestinian cause almost lost me. But I understand, I can’t expect these savages to catch up on several centuries of cultural evolution in just a few decades.

But as I often turned against bullies on the school yard, and viciously defended dweebs, twats, nerds, losers and other “contemptible misfits” essentially my defense of the Palestinian cause has nothing to do with the Palestinians. I defend children being blown to shreds by Israeli DIME and DEPLU and WP attacks. I don’t like bullies and thugs and criminals, even if they bully people I don’t care two cents about. It’s because I feel empathy, and I understand and feel the pain of people living like that, and I simply can’t stomach the thing I have been hearing from Israeli Zionists.

Frankly in an ideal world, where I had magical powers I’d simply copy two Israels, and deposit them somewhere in the pacific, one for the Israeli and one for the Palestinians. And in place of the current Israel I’d deposit one giant uninterrupted basalt peak with rocks as hard as glass, so absolutely nobody would be able to live there. Both these sides can go fuck themselves.

But I will not stand by silently as war crimes are being performed, children are being massacred and my politicians and media keep quiet about it. I hate these lying games being played right in front of me, and I just can’t keep my mouth shut.

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