Large segments of society are embracing a cadaver willingly, full of desire. The Cadaver is Thanatos, the will to embrace death itself. Division was created based on the works of Clancy, not a moral human being to start with, and this game revels in the adoration of a world where millions have died under horrible circumstances. Those depicted in the game are heroic and lethal characters. These characters represent the desire for people alive today to one day mean something- even if it takes apocalypse, mass death and pandemic. People alive today feel a vacuum of meaning, and they are willing to endure great misery (and accept far greater misery for other people) so they have experience personal empowerment, meaning and victory. This urge alive today – this glorification of the end of civilization – is clear evidence that the world we are in is a failure. It it is losing its appeal and too many people at least subconsciously desire a reset.