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Some guy

In Viet Nam some of us killed (anything) just to stay alive.
If the law breaks down, I will shoot first. In Nam they used orphaned kids to do suicide bombings. That means shoot them too.
I’ve seen men ready to kill men because the water was running out.
Before you can get over the bad things, you must first survive the day. Been there, done that.


You have a chance. But will collapse be preferable over non-collapse?
Have you studied the incremental stages of collapse Dmitry Orlov describes? You seen to accept certain ranges of collapse that should be unacceptable to a civilized human being; worse, you seem to take delight in them. I distrust your motives. I think You have given up on civilizations, because you can’t cope in an orderly world. I suspect you’d prefer collapse because you are such a predatorially inclined outsider you assume you will do better in total dog-eat-dog anarchy. You seem to hate a normal civilized world. Are you sure your escapist collapse fetish is not bourne out of hatred of your fellow human beings?
Maybe you desperately want a good reason to legally shoot starving people?

I will soon have to relinquish on Reddit. It is an unhealthy lifestyle.