America is sick. It’s pretty obvious to the world and has been for some time. America has cancer. It is a cancer of special interests, and those special interests are white. You can call it the Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil, the Beltwey, Shills, The Two Party Political Stranglehold, The Deep State – but at the end of the day these are primarily white interests, favoring nothing short of white eugenic interests.

This is a polarity that pervades US society, and it is a deadly disease. The Cancer has progressed in to a lethal state, is widely gestating and is now becoming blatantly obvious to the world, a world that may in part be racist, but is also composed on countries with pervasively non-whites.

“I think there is blame on both sides,”
— Donald J. Trump

Trump made it grotesquely obvious. Now it is plain for all to see what the US stands for. Charlottesville is the turning point – either this ends now, or the United States will end, in a truly horrific manner.

The time for talk has ended. It is time for chemotherapy. It is time for radiation therapy. It is time for cauterizing the contaminated parts and try and salvage what is left.