I am on the cusp of heading out to San Francisco next month, paid by a very nice and generous man couple for a very worthy cause – explaining why the future, communications technology should be gamified and explicitly sexualized. If this isn’t a hopeful message, I don’t know what is.

But I am depressed, and today has been particularly awful. I have a life of depressed states, largely the result of particularly low energy levels and disappointment. But it isn’t just me – it is the rational analysis of where this world is self-evidently headed. I am angry in particular with the United States, and how they plan on transitioning down from a state of societal abundance, to a state of endemic societal disparity. Powered by what is my any nomenclature or definition a police state infrastructure.

We had such nice expectations of an abundant future. Yet the only people who keep insisting this now are either old people who should know better but only care getting invited to the interesting conferences, or very rich people who desire to perpetuate the lie that you too can be very rich if only to are sincerely dedicated enough.

In a few years most of the western world will have a standard of living more close to that of Cuba than that of the Golden Years. The lands of plenty have been betrayed by their “owners”, and the plantation keepers, investors and bankers turned turncoats and hightailed it out of dodge on their golden sloops, while the Titanic sank behind them.

Having such a perspective, living a life of relative lack of affluence (disability, Netherlands, which makes it very relative) and non-relative lack of opportunity, it’s easy to get angry. Having the desire to watch it all burn.

For those who agree, please join this group: I dunno. It might awaken just enough people so that we have ourselves a global lynching party, soon. Before it’s all too late. I don’t think we have much of an alternative left, even though most people still don’t seem to have a clue, or give a damn.

So.. should I join the opiate crowd and sing merry songs of “it’s a wonderful world” and “progress will be amazing“, and lie to myself and everyone around me? Because, hey, people out there are more likely to listen and pay for my “song&dance” if I act all optimist and kiss their ass with merry tales..?

Shall I become one of these “opiate flatterers” ?