Democracy : Go ahead and try the alternatives.

The most toxic quote of our age.

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” (Churchill)

Why? Well it is most like fighting a severe disease like cancer. One very common treatment for cancer is chemotherapy/radiotherapy combination. This treatment sucks balls. Nobody volunteers for these common cancer treatments, but they sure beat the alternative. I regard “democracy” as a substantially better alternative in the same equation. Democracy is a comparatively benign cure against the alternative. It isn’t nearly as awful as the chemotherapy/radiation therapy alternative to cancer – namely : death. Democracy nevertheless is treated with incalculably arrogant disdain. Some of my dearest friends reject democracy, in an orgy of indescribable historical ignorance and conceit. People that reject “democracy” are committing a moral crime, because there is one certainty – we do not have a functional alternative. Most functional alternatives – fascism, monarchy, communism – all suffer from the same deficit that becomes somewhat tenable with democracy :

human stupidity.

Human stupidity is a historical certainty. Maybe one day we can collectively and consensually engineer dumbness from the human state, but for now we are stuck with it. Ignorance is a major problem in democracy.

However, dismissing democracy and desiring one of its numerous alternatives is an exponent of this stupity : It is desiring the moral equivalent lollipops in lieu of chemotherapy, when one has cancer.