Dealing with a US president that’s going cold turkey of cocaine

Obese Donald

Let’s face the facts – soon to be president Donald J. Trump is heavily addicted to cocaine. This is no longer merely speculative, it’s a near certainty. We can already see the signs he has sharply decreased his intake, as he is visibly bloating more every day. Trump has gone from overweight and pudgy to severely obese in the span of a month.

Coming of cocaine is hard. It can trigger paranoia, psychotic episodes and severe depression. It will prove extremely challenging dealing with this situation, made all the worse by the absurdly high challenges posed by the new role as president of the US, a position for which Trump is clearly and patently unsuitable. In essence Trump has started out unsuitable [for presidency] and incapable of acknowledging his unsuitability, now we have to project consequence of a series of detox episodes on top. This could end very badly.