I played some Darkspore on steam. It is a bit hysterically colourful at first but after a few levels the shape tweaking is fairly nice. It actually is an MMO. It’s quite an easy hack & slash with fascinating riches of customization. Scenery and background is a flat surface which is the typical Blizzardine maze of well-designed 3D mazes. Sure it looks OK, but I see several opportunities they could have (might some day) enhance on in a follow-up game. Email me, I have loads of ideas. 🙂

It would be *great* if players were able to make environments or homebases and do base defence and capture games. I can imagine a huge-ass map with conquest, resource management and the lot. But it doesn’t float – the idea is too narrow.

Tip – do not play this game using hallucinogenic substances. I would like variants of a game such as this one on BIG-ass HD screens.