Daddies and Mommies to save us.

There is a pervasive message in popular entertainment that there are saviours outside humanity, above the masses of humanity. These movies depict battles of Good versus Evil forces, and they depict we will all be saved, despite the attempts of Evil to destroy humanity.

The most insidious aspect of this popular entertainment is that humans, humanity – whatever we do matters less than it should. We are an ant farm.

Take this movie. Or this one. Or this one. These movies absolve ‘pityfully weak and inconsequential humans‘ of any responsibility and reduce us to bystanders on a cosmic stage.

How american. This message disgusts me, and anyone reading this – you should disagree.

I do not want to be an inconsequential ’rounding error’. I’d rather be dead than be ‘support cast’. Who makes these movies and why do they make them? What do audiences desire? What are the motives of sponsors to put out such a pervasive message – ‘your role as humans is to scurry about and help one side or the other, a little, but stand aside while those that matter do the actual work and make the actual decisions‘.

What kind of world has this become?