Creative neologisms: “Iyudrae”

Sometimes I feel the need to call something for which there is no word, and label the concept. Today’s neologism is the word Iyudrae, and it stands for something distinct. Try following me as I describe the concept.

In any process where sentient constituents of a collective (i.e. people) are in a process of voluntary or emergent progress, those subjected to advancement will at some point gain the ability to self-direct their advancement because of increase of sophistication of feedback mechanisms. In the gradual improvement of the feedback mechanisms of ‘advancement’, ‘evolution’, ‘progress’ the subjects of advancement (people) there will be struggles and uncertainties in where to direct advancement. There will be fads and tastes in where advances should go, where collective resources should be directed (or constrained) regarding this advancement. There will be crackdowns and laws forbidden certain types of process. There will be moments when progress will stagnate or moves retrograde. The end result will be a moment of consolidation where progress is more or less done, and incongrueties are resolved, and based on available means there is an end result. This state of consolidation of progress is called Iyudrae. “Iyudrae” is the end result of an ecology or range of variations of fulfilled specimen in a population of consolidated developments. It is not intended to be a single end point, but just the point where advances ‘have run its course“, given available means. Iyudrae refers to the end point, not the products of these processes.

Anyone who reads this is free to use or ignore this word.