Consumer Report

The formula is simple and you can do it too.

Essentially you go into a supermarket and look for something revolting. This is generally a generic cheap brand product. You buy a few boxes or packages.

Then make a video and put it on Youtube, say this channel. The videos should be somewhat objective and can’t be all negative. But the negative vids should be compelling and slapstick comedy – over the top hilarious. Then you make the uploaded vids ‘private’.

Next you call the manufacturer of the product and offer them to make a version 2.0 and you ask them to sponsor you. This is a voluntary request clearly. You can’t ask for 500 or 1000 euro. They have to come up with (such) a sponsorship amount through their own wit. If the offer is zero or very low, you simply post the original vid. If they make an offer the offer entails they put a better product on the supermarket shelves and you test that again.

Test the “improved” product in your own environment and do not let them bully or seduce or coerce you.

This activity is legal. They may try and file for a blackmail attempt with local police, but if such an attempt goes to court they’ll lose in several ways, least of all PR value. Literally you would be showing the vid of your consumer panel violently throwing up up on the Video in court. You’d be able to have a Judge taste the product and whince as well. It will be win all the way.

The go should be to generate cold hard cash for new vids, and you reimburse yourself for the time and effort. But best of all you get to force producers to make a better product.