China has nothing over the west

Worldwide governments are weak and unable to do what is needed to ascertain long term sustainability of our high-demand bloated populations. The conclusion is ‘apart from some minor rounding errors such as having or not having a democracy’, the problems we see in the EU, China, the US, everywhere are systemic. Oil and other fossil fuels is decreasing as an asset, demand for human labour is slowly but surely wilting, the environment will constrain options, natural resources and sources of food are falling away, water tables are crashing, the environment is a stealth disaster.

The only gains the political castes can make is predation – lying to voters, Viking plunder of countries like bombbombbomb Iran, decreasing wages, dismantling services and utilities. Plain lying and cheating. This is the same in China as it is in EU and the US.

Now there is all this money that was generated because of a miserable fiat financial system. The old system we had so far was based on money generated because of debt. Now it should be self-evident this money is based on a range of bubbles and fictions and speculations, and since people will spend on necessities and desperately needed articles this will allow speculators and monopolists to screw everyone over and play all the victims against one another.

This mess can ONLY end in revolutionary dissent, as voters get the message and start coming up with their own solutions. That prospect is already terrifying the money elites, you can bet your ass, and I can see the US, EU and China make their own strides to ‘singaporize’ society. In other words: literal corporate fascism. Not fake fascism, heavily diluted with Godwin. I am talking actual fascism with death camps and people dying.

They may fail or succeed. Or there may be a new balance. The future looks big for authoritarian technocracies – governments led by the most widely trusted competent leaders that do what it takes to keep this mess from falling to pulp.

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