Boko Haram – seeking Bitcoin donations

I am interested on proposals for collecting BitCoin donations to hire independent mercenaries or soldiers of fortune to

1 – find Boko Haram, and find the girls kidnapped, upon which the mercenaries would receive a certain amount of Bitcoin for every girl released, upon providing evidence the girl was kidnapped and vide (youtube) evidence of release of the girls, and

2 – taking prisoner any Boko Haram, providing video (youtube) incontrovertible evidence of membership, delivery of these Boko Haram members to the Hague tribunal of international justice and

3 – if (3) proves impossible evidence of the expedient death of (incontrovertible) members of Boko Haram members by execution by these mercenaries.

I am interested in parties that can help me set up a web site, collect donations and rock solid procedures that allow me to verify beyond reasonable doubt the veracity of claims by any mercenaries as to success regarding (1,2,3). I am interested in talking to any interested mercenary parties to find any suggestions or proposals they may have. I am also interested in legal representation to help this project stay within fair bounds of legality. All transactions will take place in BitCoin.