I just did something wrong.

I just experienced two separate incidents of what I’d term discrimination. Emphasis on ‘experience;. The first incident was on the train back from the east of the country. During my travel I experienced a bout of severe screaming and taunting from some, what I’d classify, more culturally backward schoolkids. This seemingly didn’t affect me much, and I let it fall off me fairly easily. But evidently it did affect me and I let the incident simmer.

However on the way back home I experienced a similar moment of confrontation, where out of the blue a youngster made eye contact and broke out laughing, seemingly directing his emotions at me. I experienced a quite sudden surge of anger, and I lunged and kicked. I didn’t do anything else, since I was holding a dog leash and a heavy bag, but yes, I responded with impulsive anger.

I need to reflect on this. I am clearly not on my best.