And this will destroy jobs

And in most cases production and manufacture jobs lost are boring jobs, so good riddance. However what we should not want is then to find a substantial portion of our population is unable to do stuff that makes a humane, dignified existence.

Eventually we’ll need something like a basic income. Yes, taking money from those who have (assuming ‘money’ makes sense at this level of value transaction) a lot and give to those who clearly can’t make enough.

First they fired all the mentally disabled and deficient and maladjusted people, and handed them them a dehumanized existence, denied them anything but a very bland welfare or disability, and let them to slowly die in a state of extreme misery and societal isolation. Most had suicide rates of 25% every ten years after that. But I did not speak out since I was not one of those scary psycho’s.
Then they started get rid of all the people with more generic physical disabilities, and found reasons to fire them, and puit them in cheap container housing, out of the way in ghettoes, with standardized food rations, and our politcians argued this was ‘economic necessity’ and the voters ate it up. But I did not speak out since I was not one of those losers.
Then they fired all the eccentrics and people with strange beliefs or people who were a little odd looking, and they were pushed into welfare subsistence and everyone blamed them for being lazy and underachievers and prone to criminal behavior and drug abuse and spreading disease. But I did not speak out since I was not one of those eccentrics or weirdos or a freaks or a perverts.
Then they found everyone who was muslim, or anyone who was a second generation immigrant or anyone who had a background of criminal behavior, or just anyone who was a little fishy, and they then got rid of those as well, and made them quit, or competed them into quitting, and living in the slums. And they were terrified so they all went away quietly, and I didn’t speak out since I wasn’t one of those troublemakers or terrorist suspects either.
Then finally they came for me, and the reason they found was I was in my late 30s, and the company found that people of my age didn’t fit the profile of a dynamic young company, and I was balding and a bit overweight. So they offered me a low managerial-training job in India at half the wage, or I could quit, with three months severance pay. I used the pay to pay off a 20% of my student debts and moved into a indigent container in the ‘genetic waste’ ghetto along the side of the city. I was sterilized last week, since the authorities didn’t want me to speak out. And there was no one left to protest since nobody but AI machines now work in the place I used to work.
But my Boss, he’s richer than ever.
Of course I am not a socialist. They got rid of those long before they started castrating and interning the loons. So I wouldn’t dare complain, especially not with all these automated law enforcement systems around. Hell no, I am a good ghetto person, maybe if I behave I get some extra food credits this month.