An unhealthy climate of division and paranoia in H+

Producerist sentiment has infested transhumanism. Can I say that? No maybe I should say – ‘the contrived left-right debate has fouled the debate in transhumanism’. Also, people started to distrust one another. In a short period no less than three transhumanists which I held in very high regard started succumbing to some very curious urges.

I got questions which no less than bewildered me. What ….. I am “some kind of agent-provocateur for a right-wing movement??” Or how about this one … “ I am not one person, but a bunch of artists and griefers working together..” (/snortles!)

How odd!

Is it me having open sentiments towards the Zeitgeist Movement (even though the local dutch chapter of the zeitgeist movement keeps me at arm’s length..) ? Or maybe it is my recurrent emotional intransigence? Or maybe it is that I have showed myself implacable in the face of acts of outright social injustice? Or is it just gossip about my somewhat unorthodox sexual choices or lifestyle? Or maybe it is my active membership past of the Satanist movement when I was a lot younger? (it was only for the sex actually..)

I hope this bullshit gets better over time. But whatever the case I have been hearing similar stories of rifts, gossip and resentment from several other noteworthy people. Is transhumanism slowly falling apart in to fractured, rivaled cliques? Do we need to simply conclude this is an ideology, and no a coherent movement? Do the most enlightened humans on this planet have a deficiency for tolerance towards eccentrics?

Should we mourn the rot of H+ ?

2 thoughts on “An unhealthy climate of division and paranoia in H+

  1. *giggle*

    Hun, your mistake was to ever make the assumption that it was more than an Ideology to begin with.

    I’m a centrist. I take flack from all sides because I refuse to TAKE sides. We’re all still idiotic humans who have this insane need to divide the world into “Us” and “Them” and then demonize “them.”

    I’m already a demoness. Demonizing me just makes me laugh.

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