An Appeal for Support

Does the future seem exciting to you? With new technologies, new hopes for human potential, and potentially even new kinds of humans? Or does the future seem challenging? With widening gaps between rich and poor? Species loss and climate change? Authoritarian governments who might prevent the use of enhancement and other technologies?

If you’re like us, it’s both. It’s exciting and it’s challenging.

At the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, we’re taking a close look at what the biggest developments might be over the next few decades and how they will transform every aspect of human life. Our distinctive role is that we take the far-reaching impacts of imminent emerging technologies seriously, unlike many ethics and public policy organizations, but ask the ethical and political questions about the future that many futurist and tech-enthusiast groups don’t.

With that unique niche, and the dozens of diverse Scholars, Affiliates, contributors and interns we have gathered in the global IEET community, no other organization is as well-positioned as we are to make a difference promoting policies that encourage the rapid, safe, and effective use of emerging technologies for the benefit of everyone. It is important work, vital work, and we are very happy to be doing it.

But it can’t be done without funding.

Luckily, we have had a few large contributors who have provided most of our support. However, to maintain our tax-exempt status with the US government (we’re registered as a 501(c)3 in the state of Connecticut), we are required to get at least one-third of our funding from individuals who make small contributions. People like you, giving $500 or $50 a year.


Without your support, we will lose our legal status as a nonprofit organization. It’s that simple. We need whatever you can give. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but it has to be something.

Can you offer a tax-deductible donation today? Click here to make a secure online contribution.

You’ve already set yourself apart as someone who is aware of and interested in the big changes that are coming in the future. You’ve shown that you understand the need to think seriously about the huge challenges we face and the powerful new technologies that could make the years ahead much brighter for all of us — or possibly much darker if bad choices are made.

Please join those who are committed to a future of hope and reason, of science and optimism, of flourishing and sustainable societies. We want you as part of our giving community.

Thanks in advance for your support. It’s not only welcome — it’s essential.

And happy holidays.