A suspicious correlation in add spam and political vids when visiting youtube

I’d like to invite people to study a correlation between (a) receiving annoying add spam on youtube (Including totally disgusting Geberit adds for reclines sewage spraying from TOILETS) and (b) watching videos with a leftist, corporation critical or revolutionary message.

I may very well be wrong but I am under the strong impression I get about three times the adds with the latter message as opposed to more mainstream or vanilla video’s.

There are also other (potentially manipulative) correlations; when I watch the same vids I get an avalanche of ‘other video suggestions’ of distinctly ‘erotic’, ‘funny’ or otherwise distracting youtube vids.

In essence – if I watch a vid of the young turks, or Noam Chomsky, chances are three times bigger I get –

(1) the same annoying add spam before such vid, and
(2) the bar to the right suggesting other vids depicts ‘distracting’ female butts and tits.

I understand this is a severe allegation, and I’d like other people to do some statistical analysis. Feel free to falsify or prove my suspicions.

What would be the implications if I were correct? Is it criminal, respectively immoral to use these manipulation/mind control techniques to corrupt the political process?