A series of patches for democracy

1. Every citizen can vote. Non-citizens can not vote.
2. Only a citizin with person-hood rights can be voted for. Right now the group attributed with personhood rights is limited to humans.
3. Every citizen with personhood can be voted for. Non citizens or non-persons can not be voted for.
4. Voting can be done any time and takes the form of an anonymized subscription for another person and citizen.
5. Voting is done in sequential tiers.
6. A Vote subscription can be withdrawn at any time. After losing support of two votes cast by someone else the person loses his or her tier after one week (*)
7. All people can express one vote for another citizen and person.
8. Everyone who receives two (*) or more votes are registered as being in a higher electoral tier.
9. Everyone is registered as being of a higher electoral tier
10. Theoretically there is no limit to the number of tiers. Every electoral subscription cycle the tier is half or less in size.
11. The 100 people left in the highest most tiers govern the country.
12. The 100 people left in the highest tier remain in governance for one year after they lose support.

(*) may be subject to higher variables, depends on a thorough test cycle this system. What works best.