A NeoProgressive Political Movement

In short – I think we live in a world of increasing constraints, triggered by a perfect storm of resource depletion (yes, this includes peak oil), income stratification, ‘end-game’ superpower resource consolidation, sickening overpopulation, increasing automation and robotization ‘creep’, environmental and biodiversity collapse, unsustainable complexity, massive widespread corruption, a xenophobia revolution, insurmountable political stupidity and incompetence and many other things besides. The world we live in is a total mess and set to get much worse.

Worse, I think that the current leftfag versus wingonad- debate is a great contributor to the fucking mess we are in. These days you can’t fart and it is dissected, partitioned, demonized, ideologized, misinterpreted and the outcome is more or less stagnated. No wonder the current system is bloated with hot air entitlements. I’d go as far as saying that the current western world is close to “an equivalent to” late 1980s USSR moment of systemic collapse.

In the old days the fuckhead sons of bitches in charge (pardon my jiddish) uses these states of unsustainability as a pretext to kill off some excess populations against each other and thereby outsource some of established rights and entitlements right into some mass graves. That used to work till mechanized warfare, but especially after the onset of atomic weapons that’s no longer an option. It isn’t odd the populations have ballooned into the grotesque.

So give me a list of problems and ‘the other side’ will rush into denounce them. Take any of the above concerns – Peak Oil? You have literal lobbies to denounce it as nonsense. Climate change ? Whole industries. Overpopulation? I’d be relegated to a category of being a nazi.

I therefore propose to say ‘fuck you’ to established left-right political divides and start a new people’s alliance – Transhumanists, Technocrats, Zeitgeist, Cyberprogressives, Technoprogressives, Raellians, Alternative sexual radicals, ANON – who gives a damn, as long as it works – anyone who thinks sound engineering can solve many of the worlds problems – let’s get all together and give established monolithical power structures a big fat finger.

They used to call it -‘upwingers’. Anyone has better suggestions?

2 thoughts on “A NeoProgressive Political Movement

  1. Raelians… this becomes interesting.

    K has nicely summarized my own favorite political position: “who gives a damn, as long as it works”. I believe a Chinese 20cen statesman said something similar.

  2. Well Khannea,
    I think that each of the respective groups you mention ARE giving the status quo fuckers the highsign each in their own way.I also believe it is fostering some slow and hidden change in our society, for instance I no longer give 2 shits when the US dollar loses value against the Yen, say or when unemployment goes down(translation: new filings for unemployment). The statistical garbage we are continually fed is at best misleading. I am aware that infinite growth potential in a finite space is in fact a ‘non-economy’ and it best describes a black hole. I do not appreciate being extruded through this distorting process called monetary economy. Many other humans agree with this. I think that as all the groups you mentioned above come to understand what processes and understandings are truly relevant to humanity’s continued and sustainable survival on earth, they will inevitably come together as a community and act in concert.

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