A Message from Cenk, for you

Khannea —

You are never going to believe this one. Recently, The Young Turks put out a video about a member of Congress extorting money from a corporate lobbyists and leaving behind a voicemail as proof. It’s gotten so bad in Washington DC that they no longer even realize the immorality of their corruption. Maybe they simply don’t care anymore, but we still do.

Even more astonishing than that, I am being attacked in the “media” for highlighting this story and holding Congress accountable for their blatant corruption and corporate pandering. Really? I’m the problem, because I publicized the idiotic statements you made on a recorded message that everyone can easily see represents the unadulterated sleaziness of the relationship between Congress and corporate lobbyists.


Let’s start with “the journalists” – it’s your job to hold these politicians accountable when they are soliciting sleazy bribes from the corporate lobbyists who are destroying our democracy. It is not your job to defend the corrupt and insulate them from the truth, just so you can keep a cozy relationship with those “on the Hill” and get your next scoop. Do your job.

Now on to the lobbyists – you represent everything that is wrong with the government today. Get your greedy hands off our government. We’re coming for you, and we’re going to extract your white-knuckled grip on our democracy one corrupt little digit at a time, starting with the money you dole out in campaign contributions. Time to get the hell out of town.

Lastly, to the politicians in DC – have you no shame? When you first ran for office and wanted to get elected, is this how you dreamed you would spend your nights and days? If you spend tons of time begging corporate lobbyists for campaign cash and zero time actually doing the people’s business, then it’s time for you to be removed from all positions of public trust. Get off the phone and get back to work actually passing laws to fix the problems facing our country.

These people are so corrupt that they can’t even see it anymore. They are literally blind to the fact that what they are doing is wrong, immoral, and destroying our country as we know it. And when we call them out on it, they sick their attack dogs on us to get us to shut up and go away. Well, that is not going to happen. We’re here to stay, we are watching, and we are going to fix this problem, one way or another.

Look, if you ever had any illusion about Congress being able to correct the problem of money in politics, then I’d suggest that you listen to this voicemail and see what passes for a “Representative” of the federal government these days. Nope, they’re not going to fix it, so it’s up to us to fix it for them.

This is why we’re working to get a 28th Amendment to the Constitution that restores free and fair elections in this country, and we’re going to do it by going around Congress. Not simply so we have a voice in our government and not just so our politicians represent us once again, but also so the people we elect to Congress don’t have to act like this to get elected.

This is exactly why I started Wolf PAC, to fix this problem once and for all. I don’t spend my days and nights calling lobbyists and promising favors, we just depend on people like you to pitch in order to get this done. So if you’re as pissed off as I am about all this corruption and you’ve got my back in this fight, then click here to pitch in a few bucks to the de-corruption fund. Let’s take our country back so we can all move forward together.

To victory,

Cenk Uygur