A game of terminal chess.

Wall street is playing Chess with the rest of humanity. Literally. They think they are winning the game, but they don’t realize that every time a piece is killed from the board humanity adds two new pawns anywhere they like at the last row. It’s like attacking a Hydra with a knife. Wall street is just a metaphor for “them”, and we all know who “they” are. These are the elites, equivalent to the nazi party leadership, the communist party leadership, the Sun King, the Roman emperors, the king of Spain, the feudal lords, the shogunate and the czars.

The elites signify not benevolent leadership, the elites signify the element in humanity that floats to the top on account of leveraging of competitive ruthlessness. Market efficiency is only derived from being a psychopath better at competing to a very limited amount. This benefit is gone. The world is no longer benefiting in terms of progress from the talents of the current crop elite. The current crop of elites do no longer add to progress of collective humanity. The banks are becoming a detraction to progress.

So here we are again, in a period in history when elites are smug in their consolidation and stranglehold of the geopolitical world. Humanity goes through this convulsive cycle of elite control every seventy-two years, give or take. The elites can not undo their state of control and like addicts they go through the motions of clawing for more. This is collapsing the system under their feet feet. Their feet are clay and the waters are rising.

In a few years this mechanism will end. They can’t win, and the sooner they generate the cognitive affirmation that all tyrants in the past have been terminally swept aside by the pawns of the world, the sooner they have a chance at physical survival. But my expectation is they won’t realize this in time, and as a result they will literally face death. Look at the Caesars, the Czars, the Bolsheviks, the Saddams, the Qaddafis, the Sun Kings… they all died. Humanity realized that their leaders had become parasites, and they dealt with them.

That is where we are going.