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America is sick. It’s pretty obvious to the world and has been for some time. America has cancer. It is a cancer of special interests, and those special interests are white. You can call it the Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil, the Beltwey, Shills, The Two Party Political Stranglehold, The Deep State – but at […]

The Bitter Pill Problem

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In modern policy and futurological analysis there is an increasing contamination by ideology, which right now manifests as denialism. This is now one of the most corrosive problems in western modernism. Of course denialism has always been a problem, but increasingly it has become a mindset in so many people that it destroys dialogue, problem-solving […]

Black Alien Sperm, Alien:Nemesis.

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So here’s my theory about the Alien Saga. And aside from it being a theory, I sure hope this theory gets to Ridley Scott and helps provide him with a few ideas for future installments of the movie. He probably won’t (who the fuck am I?) but one can only hope and pray. Nomenclature PWG’s […]