These are demands of the west

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The Russian Despotic Federation is dying. Populatioon growth numbers have crashed completely since the 1990s. Large swathes of the peop-le in the Russian Federation are cripplingly poor, destitute, catastrophically undereducated, morally bankrupt

  1. Al hostilties end at once. All occupying forced of the Russian federation that invaded Ukraine shall withdraw to their origin.  The Russian Federartion acknowledges immediately it conducted a war of conquest, intentional war cxrimes, terror and active and conscious plunder, aimed at subjugated the Ukrainian people. 
  2. Surrender every single individual inside the Russian federation that is charged with war crimes or human rights violations by an international tribunal to stand charge in an international court of justice.  This includes specifically Vladimir Putin. The most heinous criminals to stand trial will stand trial outside Russia in a fully transparant court, in close cooperation with Ukraine. 
  3. The Russian Federationis disbanded. The Krai, Territories, Provinces, Republics and whatnot are free to set out their own elections, become independent or be part of some fully democratic future russian federation.
  4. The Russian Federation immediately surrenders all nuclear weapons to UN oversight and the process of dismantling. All regional and central militia and armies of the Russian Federation are placed under full democratic oversight by whatever government will form in the future, and until that time placed under careful monitoring by a UN peaceful transition council.  The UN will oversee a 20 year program where armies are organized to guarantee security, justice from outside agressors.  
  5. Where ethnic conflict is likely to ensue, repopulation of previously forcefully imposed repopulation campaigns must be gradually reversed over a ten year period. That may mean ethnic Russians that were imposed in regions may e forced to return to their region of origin.  This process will be decided democratically, and where such relocations occur some measure of finacial compensations of those subjected must occur. 
  6. Those deemed responsible for the way – in patricular the leadership of the Russian Federation, or those complicit – will repay Ukraine justly for the damage it has inflicted in its war of conquest. Ukraine shall be rebuilt and in particular the responsible shall pay for this for a period no more than 50 years. 
  7. The Moscovite region shall foreswear in its constitution all wars of conquest and imperialism.


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