Tae Urbis Seminster

Known in secretive circles in Rinykdissen and alleged slaver. Though he operates within the very strict confines of slavery law of the Kingdom, he is wisely hunted by bloodhunters and other very angry people. Tae works just outside Rissen, and competes with Krenniken. His forte is trade in legally sold convicts, and he is a truly ruthless and cruel man.


Ever present in the middle and eastern parts of Rinyldissen, alleged to be a competent herbalist, physician and shaman. His Paradox is quite visible in that he has glowing eyes. 


The acting High Priestess of The Goddess in Rinyldissen. Known to be less than virtuous, part of Danse Libertine. Alleged to be in a feud with te temple of Shinthai. 

Taika (Sentient Urangutang)

In a distant past certain Big Apes were essentially animals. Then the act of taking these animals into certain “metaphyiscally acxtive zones” (such as Caerns) made these come aware. At the time there was war brewing, and the Kingdom needed soldiers and the Kingdom was rather wishy-washy about non-human right, so the armies started taking these aimals from the wild, “uplifted” them to sentience through controlled exposure,  and made them join the armies. This done with most effective with Urangutang, Gorilla, Chimpansees, some species of Gibbons and Baboons, but this practice has been perfected over time as to additionally adjust the physical shape of otherwise quadrupedal animals as to instill a humanoid frame. Taika are an early example, now centuries old, and these ceeatures are still found in large gatherings in the Legions of the Kingdom. Taika are particularly solemn, honorable creatures while being physically significantly more powerful than humans, are also innately more peaceful, agreeable and thoughtful. Taika gravitate toards adminsitrative assignments, logistics and management positions, as far as being not human allows them. They are widely respected. 

Talandra Es Esthyirae

A Daoine Sidhe Knight. She is an egotistic and vain individual with delusions of Grandeur.

Talis Vyzanne

A male human living along the coast south of Rissen, active in Speculare. He’s an officer of the Royal Rangers, a very tall and hardfaced individual. He is known to be honorable and impressuce, and part of an elusive Knight’s Order. 

Talviers Quarter

Quarter of the city on Rinyldissen

Tanarian Hills (Region)

Tanya Massare

Elder woman, well-conserved with Elixer Vitae, and a major authority in matters pertaining to Houri magic. 


A minor deity of the Aureannu, allegedly an elfin manifestation of the Goddess Almirean.

Targos Dindae

A famous Aureannu Demagogue who has been active in Rissen since the Great War, i.e. for five centuries. Targos was raised by humans, a trait which has infected his mind and allegedly turned him mad, materialistic and drunk with power. He succeeded in becoming a Baron, trades in coffee and horses. He’s a Wizard decidcated to casting Illusion spells, and he owns a small castle/keep in the east of the capital city. Targos is a particularly attractive Aureannu. He is said to be charismatic, vain, superficial, a decadent, a womanizer and a machiavellan. He started selling spices and herbs, and he quickly made friends in local Riszan nobility. He is known for having a following of mercenaries and thugs. He is alleged to have been cursed by Leonidas as to be incapable to mentally acknowledging certain metaphysical realities.

Tariel Silvershield

Tariel is a powerful, extremely affluent heroic character of epic stature, yet of a “pedantic character”. He is one of the most skilled archers known, and one of the richest people known who made his money buying paupered merchant fleets. He is an Elf of mixed elven race, and extremely influential. Tariel maintains a fleet of seagoing ships that trade from Dylath Leen to Hlanith, and cross to Celephais. Over his centuries of life Tariel made many enemies, not least of which is Leonidas, and he deals with enmity in a paranoid, hysterical, chaotic and fearful manner. As a result Tariel lives in his keep in splendid isolation along the far southeastern border of the Kingdom in a fiefdom which is a reversal of his name, Leirat. 

Tarklir The Eviscerator

An extremely competeny assassin and warrior active around Speculare. He is a known demon hunter, and he often wanders looking for targets. He is one of the most effective known professional killers in that region and known to be competent and overly subtle.  He has never visited Rinykdissen. His magial sword is known as Glidenree and is an extremely dangerous, artefact level bound Djinn spirit that can cut through stone and metal. He also wields a very fast repeating mmagical crossbow. He is known as The Tiger for often wearing striped garments.  His hair is tiger skin colored and he has the most frightening green eyes.  Tarklir is so cautious he constantly wears armor and uses a small unit of bodyguards, spies, scouts, rangers, observers and diviners as his personal troops. Tarklir has been said to be able to kill Gorloth in one-on-one combat. He hunts the demon Spyral. He worked with Khannea as go-between. He is actively supported by Zhireque. He is sometimes referred to as Ateph-Rammu, and it is suggested he serves an obscure warrior goddess by the name of Ishtar. 





Templar – Career

Templars Of The Great Dragon

A terrifyingly effective Knight’s Order dedicated to Daevon, but in a very unorthodox way of doing business. Membership is almost impossible to attain. The Templars are rarely seen in Rinildissen and when they visit nobody dares interfere with them. Templars wear gold and red, are quite extrovert and charismatic, and strongky emphasize the feudal order. Some suggest the Templars of the Dragon also harbor a Wizarding guild in its ranks. They once acted against the King “when it was necessary” Membership is less than a 100. Templars paint their hair pitch black and keep it very short. Historically the order has always fought against Beastlings, Minotaurs, Broo, Leonidas and assorted demon folk.

Temple, The

The Temple is a towering, hundred meter high imposing cathedral structure of unknown stone material. The structure is ancient, many thousand years old and is said to have ‘roots’ underground that go quite deep. 


Some kind of asshole warrior.

Terennu Kingdom

Terinav Root

A poisonous substance.


Known criminal, works for Cayman. The guy smells badly.


Hard to describe, these creatures are manifestations of metaphysical balance.  Witnesses state they are fur and claws and rage, over 2 and a half meters tall when standing erect, a mouth set with needle sharp fangs. 

Tabitha Ruggothis

A man, allagedly a Torque Boss who takes masonry, engineer and brokers in siege jobs. 


A demigod of the Alfar – He is a Colwyne of birth and resides far far southwest of the Kingdom. He is de facto the leader of the utterly individualistic Colwyne and of great political importance. 


A Nelra elf, most likely of thinned blood, many centuries of age. Alleged to be the much oldet half brother of Ishtar from the same father. Thaiandrei is widely known among nobles and a savant in geographical matters.

Thaiphaphta (Duchy)

Thalarion (Region, City)

Thamar the Tribade

An elfin woman of mixed elfin lineage. Thamar used to work in Rinykdissen by in an act  of hysterical vengeance upon being raped by noblemen she conducted a campaign of vindictive terror, torture and murder far exceeding any reasonable bounds. She disappeared not long after, was killed most likely. 

Thamaturge – Career


A very tall human fighter of considerable skill. He is alleged to worship unknown and quite grim gods from before time. 

Tharlen the Pretty

A wellknown archer that lives in Mythago, just shy of Speculare. He is a peculiarly attractive Aureannu of quite young age. Friend of Ishtar. Tharlen is gay and partner of Malvi.


An elderly man who acts as Seer in the Seer’s Quarter, right east of the Domis in Rinyldissen. Tharissa is a hoarse birdline, thin man in his 70s. half blind, who balances marbles in glass tubes between his hands. The balance attained indicates important clues on the topic of inquiry. Tharissa the Seer Of Balancing Energies is one of the more expensive Seers and (to his on perplexiety) his predictions are on the high side of accurate.


Thea the Backalley Bitch

Brawny Nater woman of considerable martial ability, running a gang in the Arena. 


Hardfaced man with extremely thick black eyebrows and sideburns, creepy eyes and a body seemingly carved of iron & stone. He’s a warsmith of great martial skill. He is rich, and wanders the world looking for amazing desttinations – he is however a draconic man with Heiegos sympathies.


Natasha was born in a remote northern area called Thelluga, and has been in Rinyldissen for decades. She got involved with the forbidden Caligula cult, that’s manifested from the underlands on and off for centuries. As understandable she’s thick with Oolsh and Lelth freak creatures, and comes up with cultish branches of ‘Danse Libertine’ to get people to engage in degeneracy. She is wanted but has evaded capture forever and it is believed she is aided by nobles. Natasha is a smallish woman of dubious tastes. She isn’t attractive at all.


Sinister fellow from the Arena, a reward has been put on his head but nobody bothers collecting on it. Thel is known as Dangerous Theo, since he has an attic somewhere filled with creepy art, demonic statuettes, human bones wrought into furbiture, ghastly knives and torture impleements – it goes on and on, Theo has it all. 

Theodoris Gloksten

Uncannily familiar freight carrying plying his trades far and wide around Rinyldissen. He has cranes, porters, carts, armored wagons – he has it all. If adventurers want something transported, Theo can carry it, pick it, deliver it, protect it. 

Therombi Hills

The Pit

A secretive establishment or tavern in the northest part of the Rinildissen Arena, just at one exit. The pit is of considerable ill repute an known for opium trade. 

The Six


The South

Theurge – Career


Thever Fumes

A poisonous substance

Thever Paste

A poisonous substance


This monster is regarded as one of the worst Golem entities created in The Great War by Daimion. It is essentially a physical Demon of near absurd magical abilities. Thianeth are equally absurd in their cruelty. Thianeth come in some diversity of shapes, but the general description is that of a reptilian and gaunt demi-humanoid shape. The skin of the Thianeth is a dull grey crimson, often flecked. The Thianeth face is that of a liche or deathmask, with an array of horns and spikes placed regularly on its head. The eyes of the Thianeth glow a horrendous light that emanates extremely powerful terror and despair. Thianeths can shroud themselves in extremely hot fire that can burn through thick wood at will. The thianeth floats. Some can grow in size to three times normal human proportions. Others have necromantic powers or can drain magick. There are some Thianeth that spin fibers of sticky metal – or they can dessicate their victims to death. All Thianeth can self-accelerate to become a raging dherwish of flailing limbs – and since their body is beset with razorsharp scales, claws, hooks, spikes, nails and horns it can rend to death a small army.  Of the original hundreds that were created at most dozens are left, and they have not been seen in the inner Kingdom for centuries.

 Thieves Tools


The city quarter in Rinyldissen situated right next to the Old Quarters, in the North West of the city.

Thorin, Mount


A Yanyok of remarkably muscled frame, known to be a weaponsmith, master smith, artillerist and artificier. He lives near Rinyldissen and handles a very rare crossbow type known as the Skimm. Thor is psionically quite capable and has the ability of being very difficult ti poinpoint, divine, detect or scan. Thor is deeply hateful of Humanists and Republicans, and a devout atheist. 


A category horrific monsters of particularly powerful qualities (often quite large in size). Titans are associated with Abominations, but not always.


City Quarters in Rinyldissen. 


One of the few known sentient Chipansee  in Rinyldissen.  He lives somewhere high in the rafters of a building in Bottleneck, maybe Old Quarters. He is a civilized person, very polite – but has loose fingers.  He only drinks sour milk. Naters once tried lighting him on fire for sport, and he has become paranoid and cautious.




A brew almost universally avoided by nongoblinoid races, thudrud has been described as having the taste and smell of a rotting cow that caught fire. Only truly bestial humans would ever aquire a taste for such a baleful fluid. A skin of Thudrud costs 2 Pounds.

Thug – Career


Tinkerer – Career


Tor’A’Bon (City)

Tnuccḁtal (Psionic Language)

Traitor’s Gorge, The


Very tall, very strong, very widefaced human of exotic origins. He’s a wrestler of some sort, and a very intimidating person with heavy sideburns and his body is beset with tattoos of Demons.  He is rich, lives part time on a large plantation up north, trades in rare goods and owns taverns.  Some say he used to be a common thug associated with a mottley crew of gangsters and mercenaries.

Trenhorani (Duchy)




One of the old rich families of Rinyldissen.  They are respectable and honirable, but some ridicule them for their sycophantic ways and inbred lineages. They are devout King worshipers who bow to no gods. Many members of the line are barristers, lawyers, civil servants. They are aligned with the Mordreti, Secus and Quendari. 



Neighborhood in Rinyldissen. 



Trolls are a nonhuman monstrous creature much unalike most animals or humanoids. Many have traits of animals and a mottley assortment of humanoids and they are incredibly diverse and loathsome in nature.  Trolls are often “orish” in appearance, but much bigger and more loathsome and more feral.  It is said that Trolls emerged in ancient times as chaos reigned supreme and the lands themselves were hazy, unformed and full of “lost pathways” – those who got lost often became intermixed with animals. In the bigger trolls there is a gruesome lifeforce and they are very difficult to kill. Likewise the bigger the troll, the more stupid and angry it gets. Trolls adapt quickly – in mere generations – to the ecology, and the meanest ones live in forests. Trolls are illegal to reside in the inner Kingdom and are either slain or enslaved. They need a lot of food, and are voracious hunters and gatherers of plants, rottig materials, meat and slime. When they eat a vegetarian diet they grow stupid and docile – when they eat strictly meat they become very aggressive and start smelling profusely. Interesting enough, some trolls have official functions, often of a territorial character. 


Tsinothea Labyrinth, the

Tszi Furia Fui (Duchy)

Tur (Enemy Kingdom)

Twin Blades (Unaligned Magical Guild)


Tzergon (Psionic Language)