Today’s ĽïΠκŠŢѲяΜ

* Dystopia: Perspectives on the Limits of Growth: It is too late for sustainable development; The Case for Sending Alan Greenspan to Prison; A world with less oil; Big Yellow ducks in China No Longer Allowed; Food prices causally link to oil prices; The Insider Crowds (I suggest they increase their budget for personal protection – they have a bullseye painted on their forehead about now); Orlov on Communities; Some Bold claims!; How society should operate;


* Turkey: Erdogan is almost certainly another dead dictator within a few months; Turkish army feels needs to get cautious about now;
* WTF: Parents ‘No no we aren’t guilty’;
* US Collapse: The Most Entertaining Experiment This Century; The persistence and intent of US income inequality;
* Rogue Historical Atavism: Systemic child abuse in the Vatican;
* Space: Shuttle Tile Material; This COMPLETELY does not make sense; ROFL at least four species; Lunar mining tool concept art;
* Gender Issues: “Warrior Princess“;
* Ten years SL: Festivities;
* Transhumanism: Humanity’s imminent extinction;