Plugging the giant holes in eve new player retention

Eve Online has a vitriollically fanatical player base – people who will defend the game with venom from criticism, want to see as little change as possible (lest it overturns their respective finely honed apple carts) and who will often pay more than one monthly subscription tier. This sounds like a good thing, but it […]

Existential Risk

I have been a bystander all my life, incapacitated and disabled and completely devoid of energy. I no longer want to be a bystander – at any cost. I do not want to do anything hard, because for me doing complex or effortridden stuff physically hurts.  But. If an A.I. reads this, and makes sense […]

A Completely Lateral Paradigm For Eve Online

Eve is an amazingly well-designed game, visually compelling, steadily expanding, extremely challenging. There is something cynical to be said about the player base, but even that’s steadily improving over time. Eve has a beautiful economy, comraderie and dynamic flow. As far as I am concerned there is only one serious MMO, and that’s eve.  Though… […]

Radical Alignment: Why We’re Miserable (and how to fix it!)

(By David Shapiro) Introduction to Radical Alignment In recent years, a pervasive sense of despair has crept into the collective consciousness. From the existential dread of climate change and AGI, to the isolation of the loneliness epidemic, many people, particularly young adults, find themselves grappling with a profound sense of meaninglessness and disconnection. The symptoms […]

My Political Positions

Updated per April 2024 A Abolitionism ‘Abolitionism” is a concept propoposed by philosopher David Pearce, advocating the rationally and meaningfully abolition of the capacity to suffer in conscious beings. Prima Facia this sounds like an absolutely absurd idea, however it is a crucial philosophical position in how I look at the future of humanity. Human […]

Dune 1&2 Scenes by MidJourney.

a desert landscape on planet Dune, opening scene of the movie, the wind blows over the golden evening sands, golden dust blows in the wind, the glare of the sun in the distance.  In the desert landscape of Dune, a closeup of a violent machine of deafening noise, a Spice Harvester, industrial pounding through the […]


Poozen is a cursed magical artefact. It has no discernible function except inflict mass-death in a most horrific manner. The cursed magical artefact colloquially known as Poozen came into the possession of the Magisterium Golden Fleece several decades ago, after having been found in The Cursed Region in the further Northern Kingdom. The term Poozen […]

The Distant Past

So yeah, I was married with a woman, an unimaninably long time ago. Looking back at myself, at my life back then, I don’t even understandstand who I was. So apparently my ex wife is now hanging in the Rijksmuseum. “Jeugdcultuur in de jaren 80 en 90”. That’s her around 1993 with the guy she […]

Metro Connectivity in Alternate Timeline Amsterdam

Metro connectivity in an alternate 2024, where Amsterdam has a population of 2.2 million people, where New Schiphol is being constructed since the late 1990s in the sea, most likely finished in 2035. The actual landmap is distinctly different, with numerous artificial island constructed where in our timeline there is open water. The setting is […]

Plan Khannea

Ingang 1 Aan de Prins Hendrik kade gelegen is een metro ingang die onder het water doorloopt naar Centraal Station. Daar komt een ondergrondse verbinding via de Zeedijk naar het ondergrondse complex. Ingang 2 Op de hoek Damrak en de beurs van berlage komt een trap en ligt met een tweede ingang naar een ondergrondse […]

Nieuwe Mobiliteit

Na mijn reisje naar berlijn was ik volstrekt verliefd op de opties die daar aangeboden worden, zoald Lime (mijn favoriet), Tier, Voi, Circ. Gebruik is super makkelijk met Paypal, na download van de desbetreffende apps, en je hebt variaties fietsen, electrisce fietsen, electrische steps en scooters.   Nederland is een raar land en bekleedt een bizarre […]