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This is the 7th installment of “white rabbit”, the almost-weekly presentation on matters pertaining to escalatory (or escalatory) accumulative technological change. Read the synopsis of “white rabbit events” here please before you proceed. I will hold this presentation at the “Sunkilller Citadel” owned by Miss Ivy Sunkiller, at 1200 SLT on Sunday the 29th of […]

Shut Down (17)

Posted: 26th May 2011 by Khannea Suntzu in Uncategorized
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Many Transhumanists and right wing market fetishists (i.e. mafia enablers) keep housing out the unmitigated optimisn (perpetuate their share in the ponzi scheme) but the disconnect gets worse and worse. We aren’t all of us “getting richer and richer”. The horses are turning to mice people. Give it up and make it work – make […]