Symptomatic Stagnation

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Here are some visual interpretations of massive waste of collective societal resources and capital in my current city. I strongly propose a law to nationalize/collectivize empty (half finished) resources and buildings such as these – worldwide. Local unemployment levels are over 25%.

The question I am asking here is “if a private party uses the world’s resources in a frivolous or destructive manner, at when point should a rational government intervene?”. The above building projects are just one poignant example of massive waste. Whole swaths of the Mediterranean (and indeed many other places worldwide) look precisely like this – in large part because some abstraction of capitalization somehow felt compelled to abandon Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and many other places. Right now Brazil is experiencing a massive construction boom and it is self-evident this locust mechanism of Bubble-formation and consecutive abandonment will come and go in those places as well.

These phenomena are symptomatic of a system that does not function. This kind of crap started happening well before the USSR started unraveling, all over the east bloc. Their system also started unraveling well in advance of the actual collapse. We need to reintroduce fact based management in to politics.

And yes, I am ashamed of the political rhetoric of the Netherlands towards countries such as Spain and Greece. Bloodless ruthless if you ask me. Monstrous.


The only conclusion I can muster is that capital remains in the hands of too few people. The system we have is strongly favoring centralized disparity: the majorities are structurally unable to generate enough share from the global affluence pool. This asymmetry must be rectified very soon, or else.