Months by fastest travel in the far far northwest, north of Zais, lies a massive peaceful city of millions. It is a beautiful city ruled by an ancient dynasty. The city spand several islands, and is composed of winding channels, rivers and canals. The architecture is stunningly beautiful and quite alien – with white stone pillars, crystalline ornaments and silver decorations everywhere. The city is ornamented with statues along every major street and interspersed with parks. Zais is situated in a region where somehow it is always sunset, and a massive twin sun hovers just above the horizon, and there’s a constant soft wind, and only occasionally it rains. The people of zais are diverse, and most populations here are genetically distance from Kingdom humans, and most are tall, slender, dark of skin and hair. The current daughter of King Hyultas is named Nathicana and its said to be the most beautiful in existence. Zais is by any standard a pleasant, peaceful place with few major problems. A month north of Zais lies a terrifying hellish realm of razorsharp cliffs, fire, overcast dark skies and thunder named Hekiyondak, even though that region does not actively emanate its evil. To the south of Zais lies the magical city of Stethelos.


Zak lies far to the south, south to the city of Thalarion, and best avoided by mortal travellers. Zak is described by Wizards, as a real of unmanifested reality, specters, dreams, nightmares and visions. The typical architecture is suggestively Graecian in nature, but interspersed with roiling luminous forms, almost like an animated fog. There are some parts of Zak that are stable in nature and populated by all manner of creatures and there is a city quarter where a few humans live, including a consular emissary of the King of humanity.


Zakarion is a common destination for seagoing vessels, traders, caravans, skygalleons and other travellers. It is a city as well as a region. In the city and immediate area around it some 1.2 million people live; in the lands itself no less than 3 million people live. It is a not unpleasant place to live, governed by a council of arcane spellcasters, but it is too much of a stretch to label the state a Magocracy. Zakarion is more a small benevolent Kingdom governed by a council, with royalty and elected officials traditionally expected to be well-versed in the Arcane arts. Ther population is largely human, with some small elven (aureannu) enclaves. There are few smaller folk such as gnomes of halflings, but there is a dwarven embassy. It is a civilized and ambundant place but humanoids, especially goblinoids are not welcome in the city itself, and are routinely treated with suspicion. A lone halforc travelling the countries is likely to be arrested, questioned, held imprisoned on no formal charges, but actual torture or murder would be rare in this place even for a halforc. Orcs and other such ilk would be chased away or killed straight away.   The most striking part of the country is it’s city. Zakarion is a beautiful city by any standard and almost as large as Rissen itself, housing half a million people. The central theme is a society obsessed with the sea, largely the result by the constant traffic with Ceranian. In every building elements of the sea are processed in the shape of large seashells, coral and other materials taken from the sea. Many buildings have a maritime quality, suggestive of galleons or seashells or port, and always the warm pleasant climate, the everpresent seagulls, the hubhub of activity and the deeply ingrained respect for knowledge of all kinds.



Far to the south, along the coast along Parg and Aphorat lies the city and land of Zar, a land as seductive as pure magic incarnate. Zar is a heavenly realm of immeasurable perfection. There is no returning from Zar, as once one beholds its wonders one can never return from them.


A subspecies of humans living along the coast east of Dylath Leen, from the Mad Donga Hills all the way to Great Duchy Dragonrender. Zarakeida are first and foremost the Reed People, who live along the coast on the thousands of coastal rocks. They are fishermen, and their women grow mats of saltweeds and kelp. Zarakeida are a paranoid tribal order, who are affraid of people from the Kingdom. Zarakeida are smallish folk with round heads, long noses and hair with thin curls and dangling earlobes. They play large flutes. Most settlements are on the large rocks, with large extended family compounds with bridges and hanging structures on the cliffsides. Zarakeida trade in bird manure, fish, kelp mats, fried jellyfish, washed up tar or amber, carved whale bone. Some are smugglers in their long boats bringing illicit goods from Dylath Leeen. Zarakeida deal with Dolphins and Sea Elves, and are scared of Deep Ones and their coastal clans. 

Zharxos the Magnificient



In the most furthest northwestern Dreamlands lie ranges of insurpassable mountains, endless glaciers and nothing but death. Along the coasts of Lomar lie remaining roads leading up the mountainous inclines into forbiddding cold highlands. The city of Diakos can still be found there, as well as endless ruins of primitive humanoids and apelike beings.


Fairly uncommon giant predatory beast. They still hunt and scavenge opportunistically in the deep jungles of Parg, and as they swim along the coast they are occasionally wandering closer to Rotterdam. A typical Zorg towers high above a human, and it’s fanged head to it’s tail can be over 12 meters in length, and it stands often over 3, and a half meters from massively flawed toes to its shoulders. Zorks are bipedal, with short stubby forelimbs and a bulldog-like muscled frame. They eat meat, living or rotten, and are about as smart as a Jaguar, with the scent and aggressive attitudes of a great white shark. They meat is often infected and inedible, much like with Komodo Lizzards and ieven a small nick of its fangs and claws can introduce blood poisoning.. They are easily dispatched with horsemen with bows as the hind legs can’t take much before these beasts are crippled.  (qv – Tyrannosaurs Rex

Zotakan (Illegal Magical Guild, Associated with Psionicism)

Zulan Thek

In the eastern most known parts of the Forbidden Lands lies the imposing and terrifying city of Zulan-Thek. The city is a gargantuan conglomerate of iron, machines and dead things. The Forbidden Lands to the east are essentially a centuries old nightmare hell realm of endless volcanoes, cliffs, jutting peaks, razorsharp rocks, volcanic glass, caves and canyons. The metaphysics of these lands is pure elemental destruction, with endless rivers of lava. Zulan Thek houses a terrified beleagered people cursed by living in such a horrific place. The natives are barely humans anymore and tough as nails survivors. Undead are extremely common, and people are hyperspecialized in surviving and thriving under these conditions. Many sterilized structures dedicated to both Kothlothlu and Daimion still jutt as hellish industrial structures from the dark lands, piercing the everpresent clouds. Though mostly desolate of demons, there are still contaminations, metaphysical distortions, open furnaces, abominable monsters, undead, curses, chemicals and poisons. 

Zuro (River)

The zuro river is one of the longest rivers of the Dreamlands. It springs west of the Liranian Desert and for a long run it is a salty, toxic river without any life. It gradually is fed by tributaries down south, passes the city of Teloth, which is a place that can best be described as surviving rather than thriving. Few dare move south of Teloth as the lands of Sydathria. There is frightenings little traffic along the Zuro, and very few settlements. South of Teloth there are sparse settlements as the river flows ever south into The South. The river is a polluted mush swarming with strange frogs and slimes and creeping things and at the mouth to Southern Sea, the lies the horrific nightmare city of Thalarion.