Less than a billion years after the formation of the “Big Bang” there was already massive conflict between interstellar technological civilizations. Back then, In only a few regions in the Milky Way there were pockets where there were complex elements present (in particular phosphorous) to allow for the emergence of complex organic, tool using and intelligent problemsolving life. These elements form after the detonation of massive star supernovea, the collision of neutron stars, and the flare-up of white dwarfs. In those ancient times Tsathoggua appeared in the thick subterrean organochemistry of a very heavy planet orbiting a red dwarf. A species emerged, developed their version of technology, and found itself mostly stuck in that system – no adjacent stellar systems had much in the way of metals and colonization across the galaxy was at the time impossible for this species. Hundreds of millions of years of imprisonment in a very small solar system, deep in a near insurmountable graviy well does gruesome things to a technological species. From this species a most dreadful Singleton was born, and over time that entity evolved into what we now know to be Tsathoggua.


Tsathoggua is completely unalike the other Abominations from before time and space. It emerged as a material physicality and over time transcended those physical constraints and its form and essence grew into other dimensions. It took billions of years to spread over the galaxy, and the characteristic Tsathoggua evolved was primarily to become indestructible, stubborn, geared to survive onslaughts, aggression of the other Great Old Ones, utter despair, any lack of discernible meaning and scarcity. They key definition of Tsathoggua in a metaphysical sense is utterly unconscious survival, using whatever is available and funelling it into itself, repurposing and reformatting. To understand Tsathoggua one has to place Him as antithesis to several other galactic powers. Tsathoggua is unlike Azathoth and that he grows under the bedrock, in the safe depths, in the tectonic strata and timeless vaults ignored by others. Azathoth is in the centre, mindless and grandiose and hysterical solliptic hysteria. Tsathoggua is discrete, secretive, low-key creep in out of the way places. Shub Niggurath is a tentacled mass of adaptation and mutation and exuberant life. Tsathoggua represents starvation, near-death ecology, ooze and slime and infection. Kothlothl is conquest and subjugation and slavery and over-exploitation of resources and fire and brimstone and metal. Tsathoggua is degeneracy, quiet solitude, ancient stasis and cold stones and beliggerent recalcitrance. Nyarlathotep is the sky, the firmanent, colors, progress, breaking the rules, mania, the stars, intricacy, exceptions. Tsathoggua is the deep, the out of sight, the crawling vermin under the rock, hacking, repurposing, the ancient, the static, the decayed. Yog Sothoth represents towering majesty, shifting portals and time and dimensions and vast constructions and insane egotism. In comparison Tsathoggua is mocking, base material, grounded in tested patterns and predictable persistence. Tsaoggua does not erect monuments, it claims them and lets them decay and sink in forgetful eternity, overgrown and rotting and menacingly resentful – yet ever persisting. Cthulhu represents pride, devotion insane loyalty, maddening hierarchy, the watery depths, dreams, visions, despothism. Tsathoggua is in comparison almost humble, self-mocking, non-imposing, passive, deep in the earth, away from the currents and flows and ebbs. 

The Anti-Ecology of Tsathoggua

Tsathoggua In The Solar System

Tsathoggua in the Dreamlands

Tsathoggua the Pestilence

The Republican Cause