RIGHT NOW – (time dillation 10:1)

DY +3422

Day 49, First Day of Spring, Imbolg

Day 48, Day of Veal, Day of the Deer, Waein, Surka

Dag 47, Ayedag, Week of Priestesses

Dag 46, Arandag, Week of Priestesses

Dag 45, Begodag, Week of Priestesses

Day 44, Vrillerdag, Week of Priestesses

Day 43, Hanzedag, Week of Priestesses

Day 42, Sterdag, Week of Priestesses

Day 41, Gallerdag, Week of Priestesses

Day 40, Devondag – Week of Priestesses

Day 39, Day of the Melting Pond (Beginning of the story) –

These are all rumors pertinent to the Great Duchy of Dragonrender – Rumors of insurection under Slarothim in the far east. People preparing for Imbolg are out in the streets. Stories of a disease felling coastal fish or making several strains of fish inedible; A murderer is afoot who slays children in the city of Dragonrender. Kobolds slay a knight in the hills. A gang of smuglers is interred in cages ovcrlooking the harbor of Dragonrender, a most cruel deeath sentence. Rumors of a great fire in the city of Dylath Leeen a week ago, a whole city block is reduced to embers. A whale beaches on the coastal beaches west of Dragonrender. Several soldiers are leaving Dragonrender westward, and are taking many heavy laden carts with them – the local taverns are upset with so many less mouths to feed and less profits. Soldiers are well fed, and ery profitable. There is rumor of vice and perversion happening in the city of Speculare and priests speak out loud in disgust.  A cow with two heads is born in the earby provinces several days ago, an ill omen. A local roadside temple is ovcerflowing with maggots – an ill omen. Stories arrive of the opera The Grande Bouffe in the capital city and everyone wants to hear the bawdy songs and gossip of the main characters. One of the characters is a man taking the role of a woman, which is just scandalous. Stories tell of Catharyna of Swella, a very famous local noble woman of great beauty is said to be wedding lord Louis Catakan, heir of of Great Duchy Benthusia in the summer. Rejoice!  

Day 38, Day of the Second Son, Niendal

Celebrations occur to pay homage to the second heir of the family everywhere. As is normal, fish is prepared on this hollyday and celebrations, though modest, are pleasant. Commoners eat fish, there is a fight at the market. Monks on a large pilgrimage enter the city. Very exotic strangers from vert far west take up residence in the Golden Dragon Inn in Dragonrender. A vaulable gem is lost from a ring cklose to the east gate and a reward is offered. There is a protest by citizens against ongoing attempts to create a temple of Alalvar in the inner city. A large magazin along the harbor collapses of rot, several daylabourers are killed. Militiaman celebrate Niendal by having deer for dinner. Girls offer flowers to soldiers stationed in terns outside the city and there are “improprieties”. One girl is molested by a humanoid legionaire. There is some minor panic as late at night someone lights fireworks along the castle. Dogs keep howling for hours at night in the inner city. 

Day 37,  Ayedag of the week of Pigs

DY +3421 

DY +3420

DY +3419

DY +3418

DY +3417

DY +3416

DY +3415

DY +3414

DY +3413

DY +3412

DY +3411

DY +3410

DY +3409

DY +3408

DY +3407


DY +3406

A beloved hero of Gnomes, accomplished diplomat Aleister Metternich, honorary squire Baronet of Dragonrender, is slain in a riot in Dylath Leeen. His corpse is alalgedly throw in the sea and eaten by lampreys. People have mourned his death, even though it is said his ghost haunts parts of the city. He is survived by a son, daughter and loving wife. After his death there are menacing signs and omens, and the surviving family take up residence in their house in Rinyldissen. 

DY +3405

DY +3404

DY +3403

DY +3402

DY +3401

DY +3400

DY +3399

DY +3398

DY +3397

DY +3396

DY +3395

DY +3395

DY +3394

Charles Metterbich born. 

DY +3392

DY +3391

DY +3390

Valerie Legrange-Metternich born. 

DY +3389

Annette Sophia Metternich-Souxia  Marries Aleister Metternich. 

DY +3388


The Wizardry Revolution (ca.) (time dillation over 9 : 1)

DY +175

DY +1749

The New Dynasty  (time dillation over 8 : 1)


The Awakening of Byzanthium  (time dillation ca. 8 : 1)


The Living Organ Of The Kingdom (ca. ) (time dillation over 8 : 1)


The Age of Vurgil  (time dillation under 8 : 1)


The Great War Against Daimion (time dillation ca. 8 : 1)



The Great Disjunction (time Dillation va 8 : 1)


The Rule of Yoric I (ca.  ) (time dillation ca. 7 : 1)



The Wild Age (ca. ) (time dillation over 6 : 1)


The Reconstitution Age (ca. time dillation over 5 : 1)


The Collapse of the Kingdom (ca,  ((time dillation over 4 : 1)


The Inquisition Purges ( time dillation ca. 3 : 1)


The War on Elves (ca, ) (time dillation 3 : 1)

Enlightenment and the Rise Of Metallic Dragons (ca. ) (time dillation over 3 : 1)


The Rule of Atlantis (ca. ) (time dillation about 2.5 : 1)


The Second Dragon Empire (ca. ) (time dillation over 3 : 1)


The Age of Chaos (ca. ) (time dillation over 3 : 1)

The Titan Wars (ca. ) (time dillation over 3 : 1)

The First Dragon Empire (ca. ) (time dillation over 2 : 1

The Great Old Ones And the Rise of the Elemental Dragons 2 : 1

The Shadowlands Era (ca, ) (time dillation under  2 :1)


The Foundation of Great Kadath (time dillation under 2:1)