Duchy Barathor (also known as Mul)

Geographic Regions: Gnymbora, The Dragon’s Tail, Gugnor Vance Massive

Bordering Fiefs:  Duchy Purity Lands, Duchy Sanchutta, Grand-Duchy Dragonrender, Duchy Oak Tunnels, Duchy Iliur

Composing SubFiefs: Barony Skyward, Barony Tsuli Perini, Barony Haticani

Population: Ca. 5000 Civilians, Ca 92.000 Civilians, 15000 Villains, 10000 Acknowledged Humanoids.

Duke: Khazimir Barathor III

Reputation: Excessively folkloristic, “mostly harmless”. Some Knedzens in the Domain. You are supposed to wear a ritualized hat with your family crest. People sing all day.