Amsterdam By Night – Assumptions


Territory – the narrative assumes that Amsterdam is the main domain of a limited number (under 20) very powerful (NPC) vampires ranging in Age from 550 to 125, and in Generation from 6 to 10. At the start of the game these are NPC’s, but as each player can assume (or bestow on others) specific roles the central  NPC characters can “ascend” to becoming PC characters. All new characters introduced to the game MUST trace their lineage to an established character (NPC) or (if the involved player agrees) to a PC vampire. At the start of the game (to an undisclosed moment) it is not possible to introduce (port in) characters with a storyline origins from outside the Netherlands. The entire Netherlands is regarded as property (fiefdom) of the current Prince, and narrative activity of any vampire is not allowed except for in the designated regions around Amsterdam. Free travel in Europe is assumed strictly proscribed. The narrative is considerd closed, except for what’s explicitly mentioned in this storyline. 

NarratorThe default Narrator of this LARP mythos is assumed to be Khannea, who can also be contacted at or Khannea does not perform any roles in the game and only acts as narrator.

Prince – At the start of the game the autocrat of vampires in Amsterdam nothing is known except that this individual (male or female?) is a 6th generation Daeva. 

ElysiumThe game involves a large territorial patch incorporating Amsterdam, Zaandam, Zaandijk, Schiphol, Amstelveen, Diemen, Bijlmer, Amsterdam Noord, Oostzaan, Muiden, Weesp, Zwanenburg, Landsmeer, Oostzaan, Ijburg,  Purmerend. All vampire character taking part in the ADM LARP are assumed to have been embedded in this region at least for 3 years (and no more than 10 years), and they descend from any of the existing name Tribal (Bloodline) leaders, and are assumed to be part of an Covenant that’s declared explicitly friendly to their sire.  All starting characters are assumed to have descended from local Sires, unless otherwise specified. 

MasqueradeThe Masquerade is an extremely strict code of conduct where the vampire takes extreme, north korea levels of almost paranoid steps to hide his or her vampire status to anyone not strictly known to the Prince. This is an instilled, instinctive behavior in all Vampires that are part of this narrative. The mere idea that this edict or lifestyle is broken in some way is about as emotionally unsettling to any vampire in this narrative as taking a stroll in the sun. The behavioral edict extends to sworn-in participants in the narrative, where players do not conduct in any public roleplaying activity that would attract any attention from outsiders. 

Extreme MasqueradeThe concept ad practice of Masquerade in the Western European region is regarded to be extreme and paranoid by comparative WOD standards. This extends to the personal everyday conduct and styling of all involved characters – NO tongue in cheek prancing about looking  like a Goth-Punk Anne Rice character.  The practice of Campiness in the setting or acting is completely unacceptable. Cloithing styles should be clasy, expensive, stylish and utterly discrete in-game and pertaining to all characters. If you can’t handle this, do not take part in this setting. The point is that under no circumstances the act of playing a role in this setting should attract actual outside (real world) or narrative (in-game) attention. You and your character can be noteworthy, but any allusions to the stale  and infantile “White Wolf” stereotypes should be meticulously avoided. 

Tragedy and Flaws Being a vampire [in this particular setting] is by and large less fun tghan being a mortal. Y ou are a tragic, often depressed and miserable creature. Just watch the BBC installment of Dracula, the one with the animated cadavers everywhere – and you’ll see that existence as a vampire is akin to a living nightmare. Those that find themselves in this state have some very good reason to persist, as suicide is only a walk in the sun away and this a very  easy exit strategy. Those that find themselves an undead know full well they are an animate cadaver and do their best to not dwell on that knowledge. They are busy, distract themselves and above all – want to not die a final death. But inward, they are all very very tragic, flawed, miserable – and vulnerable. There are absolutely zero Mary-Sue‘s in this setting.  Rule #1 is – to be as NOT a Mary Sue as possible.