The Alalvar faith is the blessing of the Kingdom, and one of the Greater Religions. It is argued to be the faith with the most followers, even though only humans are accepted in its ranks. It has spread very fast in the Kingdom in the last 110 years. Ever since a series of radical Medhenoie Priests experienced sacred visions revealing the true nature of God, the religion purified itself along strictly theocratic lines. Alalvarites are thoroughly Dominionist, isolationist and uncompromising. This has caused a cold war ambiance in parts of the Kingdom, as some Duchies have been more or less taken over, and travel in these parts can be a total nuisance.  

The Alalvarite religion has been spreading like wildfire the last few centuries. Ever since a series of radical Medhenoie Priests experienced sacred visions revealing the true nature of God, the religion radicalized along theocretic lines. It is generally not allowed by the King (and by metaphyical propriety) to start describing one’s Deity in Metaphysical terms as The One or The Supreme. All Religions who do this tend to become powerful very quickly, and tend to be subsumed by the Abysmal before long. Exclusivist monotheim is tainted and leads to corruption, but the priesthood has so far avoided this, and is starting to believe itself above such petty matters. 

The Metaphycisians of the Kingdom shudder, and especially Wizards and Elves are agitating openly against the Alvarite faith. Alalvarites in turn have mostly become unassailable, lest the Kingdom would be open to religious civil war. So many Duchies are now brazenly Alalvarite that there is no longer an easy way to put this djinni back in the bottle.

Alalvarite religion is uncompromising. It claims once in a primordial, prehistorical past a saint came to the Dream, and found the Dream in utter chaos. There was nothing but diverse animals and plants, not one similar to the other, and all things were monstrous and natural laws were said to be extremely chaotic and unconstrained by reason. The Saint started naming reality, naming animals, naming places, naming plants, naming times, naming all sorts of things. Each time Alalvar named something, that particular thing became predictable, less monstrous, subject to domestication or industry or exploitation. It is such believed in Alalvarite religion that reality was more or less wrought from Chaos. This idea skirts very close to Alalvar having factually created reality, and again, such an idea is taboo for many groups in the Kingdom, in particular the elves.

In the old days the ideas of Alalvar were constrained to isolationist parishes. Many orthodox Alalvarites still swear to shy away from cities or the kingdom, but a more recent flock of Alalvarites have ended this truce and are openly vying for more political power. The King has been patient, but the King realizes this can’t go on indefinitely.

The power of Alalvarite religion stems from the magic of the Seeile. These wise women are powerful casters of specialized types of magic and they have been using their magic to hyper-accelerate Alalvarite demographics. The religion is viciously based on procreation, and certain spells of the Seeile allow for absurd results. In Alalvarite religion a sizeable percentage of born boys are gelded (castrated) in puberty, generally those found flawed, and only those raised as Patriarchs are allowed to have wives. The percentage of Alalvarite boys gelded has increased sharply, and it is believed this endemic castration is the magical fuel that allows the Seeile to cast their spells.  IT is common to encounter angry and bitter Alalvarite boys who have run away from home fearing imminent castration, dead-bent on proving themselves in the eyes of the Faith, but few do, and few succeed in mentally escaping their strict religious upbringing. Alalvarite patriarchs often become Mananor at a later age (generally 40) and live extremely long and fertile lives (generally over 150). 

The women give birth at an truly industrial pace. Young girls taken to bed with the patriarch find themselves pregnant as young as 10, their pregnancies may be reduced in time from the natural 280 days to as little as 150 days, depending on the powers of the local Seeile. Additionally each litter can produce as many as five in one birthing (agains subject to Seeile magic), Stillbirth and childhood fever is substantially reduced, women become fertile significantly faster and can give birth well in to advanced ages. Hence a fertile woman of the faith can give birth to an average of 13 litters from early adolescence to late age, generally once per two years, producing an average of 2.5 children per birth in life. That’s a typical average of 33 children per Alalvarite woman. Jokes about Clown Cars aside, this has started to happen not so long ago, but in mere decades the demographics of the Kingdom have been skewed to a teeming mass of surplus Alalvarites, many of which are outcasts or runaways. Alalvarites who are gelded tend to stay in the community in a strictly docile and servile capacity, their minds and wills broken. 

Alalvarite communities are extremely hostile to outsiders, especially of other religions. Traveling Alalvarites (the few that do) tend to be a lot more openminded, but communities rarely produce travelers (which is regarded as a pervesity – why would one shirk familial and communal duties). Inside the community there are Eunuchs, mothers, patriarchs and little else. Girls and woman are “interred” in-doors and who neuotic tittering can only be heard over Alalvarite walls. The community is extremely tight knit, and acts as a self-reinforcing cult. Outside the Patriarchal house eunuchs are common, with broad epilated heads (no facial hair, no eyebrows, the same docile expression everywhere) doing chores all day. Patriarchs and young trainee patriarchs sport intricately braided beards whose braiding signifies profession, religious significance, ability to recite Alalvars and other saintly religious texts (of which there are many) and communities and surrounding countryside are heavily patrolled. Alalvarite communities are thus functional cancer cells in the Kingdom where travel away from the roads becomes problematic. Alalvarites have no say on the Kings roads, but they quite often try – and there have been incidents between Alalvarite militia (often utterly unworldly young boys) who are beat up severely by Legionairs. Some legions have however become sympathetic to Alalvarite ideas – a process that is subject to constant rearrangement by the higher command. Legionairs with openly Alalvarite sympathies are likely to end up send to peripheral (and hence more lethal) regions of the Kingdom. 

Alalvarites are urged to not believe in a life after they die, but a decent enough percentage of Alalvarites have taken on heretical “superstitions” of other religions. This is a serious taboo in Alalvarite society. The KIngdom is at Alalvarite carrying capacity, estimated about 30% of all humans. The only weakness is that Alalvarite are humanists, with few exceptions, and many feudal fiefs with large mixed-species populations have resisted Alalvarization. This process is constantly supported by other Dominionist religions (Almirean), by Elves, by the King, by the Legions and by most Wizard houses. The situation in the Kingdom is that most boys born must move around as vagabonds, since there is no place for them in the community and many of these boys don’t want to end of castrated. Hence there is a massive swell of Alalvarite buysy bodies, militia and gangs roaming the countrysides within a few days of Alalvarite fiefdoms, and this spills over in adjacent lands in desperate attempts to create new communities.  Since some 15 years the mortality rate of these young boys has shot up to 90% per 10 years. That means that the Alalvarite communities have produced about a million surplus highly radicalized young males desperate to prove themselves and generally indoctrinated and utterly incapable of dealing with the world outside the xenophobic communities. That is over 12 million deaths in the last ten years, from the most diverse causes (quite often starvation).  One can understand non Alalvarite feudal lords are extremely concerned and this situation seems to be worsening every year. 

The most prominent Alalvarite is DHODENDORDUS – A terrifying bearded patriarch of 160 years, with the strength of a bear, seven feet tall, with eyes of pure lightning, Dhodendordus the Mighty lives in an isolated Alalvarite fiefdom, casts a shadow of utter contrariness over the surrounding lands, tries to impose his will on everyone within his zone of control and is utterly theocratic, to the point of frequently flaunting the King. He is surrounded by a swathe of Knights and less easily described types of Warriors and Spellcasters, and the man is seriously dangerous. 

One can say many things about the enemies of Alalvarites, and there are many – OF COURSE the Alalvarites hate the forces of the republic, as well as the forces of degeneracy. Alalvarites not merely hate degeneracy of the Primordial, as they hate any open feminism or sexualism. They really do not like Nelra and Nilri whom they claim as perverse hedonists. They really hate “witches”, and they regard all of the :grey: as sworn enemies.

Alalvarites will break and flaunt the law to go after members of the Grey, in particular Paramanders, since in turn Paramanders have been alleged targeting and assassinating key members of the Alalvarite power structure.  This hatred extends to a minor degree to black and whites. Dhodendordus lives in self-imposed isolation because of at least five mysterious accidents, all of which would have extinguished him for many years.  Alalvarites equate association with Grey as being “sodomites” –

There exists a pact of mutual non-interference between them – very rarely the more openminded, higher ranking Alalvarites study metaphysics with Ombers. Purple has exerted its influence in the Legions and is more busy with psychological warfare against Alalvarites. Purple accepts the harsh reality civil war is inescapable and maintains a “stay the hell away from them” policy for all members. The higher ranks of Alalvarite church realize this and maintain a very wary attitude. Alalvarite take the Purple very seriously. The Red is known to use Alalvarites as sacrifices to their demons.